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*Looks at watch*

Ahhhh yes, death flu season it is! *Melts feebly*

I'm about to go to bed, I swear, since my shift tomorrow is an 8am start. Still, turning on Ancient Laptop and finding it still works (more or less) is worth a celebratory internets or two. Little Precious (shared iPad) is very shiny and speedy, but just doesn't have the same immersive feel of actually sitting down at a computer.

In other news, this happened. Oh, Andrew Lloyd Webber, let it go.

In other news... not much, actually. The first one of my schoolfriends had a baby? That was scary, but the bb is cute and supernaturally chilled out, so that's ok. I keep getting invited to weddings. I think it's just that sort of time. Ooooh, and at work we got delibered a whole load of dinosaur toys. Debi, some of them have your name written all over them, I'm on it.
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So yes, Love Never Dies: Unfortunately, Since We All Wish It Would Already.

Let's do that.

I have seven pages in my notebook, all written in the dark, and I will try to expand on each note to give you a flavour of just what [ profile] bookelfe and I sat through. (Her review, for she is swifter and more industrious than I am, is here!)

IN FAIRNESS: On a certain level, I did actually have a good time at the show. The cast were excellent; even Christine's actress, who valiantly strove against some horribly written music. (Dear composers: Just because a singer can reach certain notes, does not mean she should constantly be doing it. Especially when the lyrics are kind of important and now really hard to understand.)

Also, if you name your musical after one singular song contained within, for the love of god, could it not be... boring? Seriously. MORE ON THAT LATER.

Review cut for length, incoherency and far too much punctuation! )

In conclusion:

Becca: Gustave has two Daddies and A ROBOT MOMMY. - So he has.

Come on, fess up. Who linked Andrew Lloyd Webber to the Pit of Voles?

EDIT: I cannot believe I just wrote 4,000 words about an Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical.
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LJ-cut for spoilers )
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Hee hee hee.

I am totally playing hide and seek with a bunch of twelve-year-olds. It's awesome.

Fuckers keep finding me. Grrr. Stupid being-adult-sized!
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Om nom brainmeats )

Mwhahaha. I didn't get a full length one, but the dress was both highly impractical for work (oh, costume parties at Lush <3) and awesome. Full length, dirty white, floaty. And yes, that is theatre blood on my face in the later ones. I freaked so many people out today. *grins*

Now I really need a bath. BUT LATER I WILL COME ONLINE. DAMMIT.
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You know, I only went into town to box and post my Smile Box assignment. And yet, I left at three, and got in at a quater to freaking ten. OW. You know, I think I need my eyes tested. My Mum and Dad both wear glasses on occasion, and my baby sister just got some, and today I got on what I assume must have been the 46 bus, thinking it was the 49. Hour and a half round trip into the middle of bloody nowhere. (In the rain. And the dark.) Dear god, did I need the loo by the time I got back to exactly where I'd started. D:! Even then, when I found the right bus (did I mention the rain? And the dark?) I had to stop by Sainsburys because I have no bread, and that means walking an extra fifteen minutes, entirely uphill. (Again: Rain. Dark.)

On the other hand, my sufferings did mean I felt entirely justified in buying whiskey to go with my left over cola and frozen mini pizzas; which immediately upon getting in I proceeded to cook (after adding pesto, yellow peppers and freshly ground black pepper, because I am nothing if not deeply middle class) and EAT. Nom.

I feel a lot better now!
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Re: Lord Vetinari.




NO. BUT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *Falls over giggling*



But no. Really, no. The clothes, the hair, the voice, no. BUT IT IS HILARIOUS.
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Ohhhhh, I'm an idiot.

Handed in all my work this morning (and it felt good. Oh yes.) then hung out with some friends. In the sun. For five hours. Drinking beer without alternating with water. There may or may not also have been an inflatable assault course.

I have this amazing bright red stripe where by back wasn't covered by my t-shirt, and my arms and face are an amusing shade of pink. I also have the headache and the dizzies. Meh. I want to sleep. But I'm making myself eat and drink water first.

Fooooool. *nompizza*
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Homg done.

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Holy crap, I think I'm going to end up over the word count, here. That never happens!

So close. I had the traditional nightmare about not finishing on time even though working all night, last night, which, while it sucks, does give good motivation. I'm planning to go into uni after dinner (yay for 24 hour computer rooms!) to do finishing touches and get them all printed out, since waiting until tomorrow would be stupid. Then I can breeze in tomorrow morning, get my final title form signed, hand everything in and be done by noon.

And that will be worth everything.

*Twitches at MS word, keeps typing.*

EDIT: One down, two to go. XD
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*Stares blearily at essay*

This is like pulling teeth.

So nearly done. But not good enough. Kill.

Also, my backside hurts. This is what I get for going to fairs when I should have been working. Totally worth it.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,736 / 3,000

I will conquer.
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Fair was so much fun. :D

There were slides and dodgems and a roundy go-fast thing. Also, I sliced my thigh open on the seam of a bouncy slide. That takes talent.

Er... Clare and I made a Milliways scrabble board. There is a picture! Right now, however, I really have to sleep.

And tomorrow, I have to write like a crazy person.

(Note to self: Finish section on madness, then move onto the Reformation. And remember to take back library books! P.S. Title form.)
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Context: I just got back from this piece of genius.

You know it's going to be a fun (if befuddling) evening when you get back from the bar to find your family giggling over the fact that Elle Macpherson and her kids just wandered by, Mark Gatiss is over in one corner, and Kevin Spacey is hanging out and chatting just behind your mother's shoulder.

Oh my. Stephen Fry is a naughty, naughty man. XD!

Everything was awesome. It was even awesome when they had a technical hitch in the interval and the aforementioned Mr. Spacey wandered up onto the stage to say, "So, I hope you're enjoying the show. Unfortunately the Safety Curtain has decided to be even more safety conscious than usual and... stay down. We need to replace the chain, but luckily we keep lots of chains backstage. Thank you!" *Happy sigh*

And the show!

Spoilers, as if you really care! )

Gooood evening.

For Americans and other strange creatures: Pantomime. There will be scans from the programme when I'm awake enough to do them.

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I am highly embarrassed by last night.

So here is Zuko to dance for you.
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So, in my dream, we were living in a farmhouse and going on adventures. It was like the Famous Five, except it was... me. Me and some npcs, and some of the cast of Heroes.

They froze Sylar! Kind of his own fault for being in a box of cheesecake, but he was okay. Then he came looking for some paintings I found in a secret compartment behind a cupboard (now I think about it, they were clearly some of Isaac's, apart from being really old) and Claire was in them, only he couldn't find her. So there was some running around, and at the fair, the Charlie's Angels of EVIL showed up, and crashed my plane, so there was a fight, and THEN we went to the farmhouse, and the pub was closed, and kind of creepy inside, so I left rather than turn it into a horror movie, and then some guy went fishing with rocks, and the rest of us went into the forest, where Mohinder and I had a nice chat about how we both did Duke of Endinburgh's award, and then on to the theatre! There was dancing attached to wires, and the audience joined in singing. It was awesome.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I try not to sleep for fifteen hours straight after staying awake for thirty-three.

*Downs tea* So, what's happening?

OH AND: Meme swiped from [ profile] vivien529, cause I haven't seen this one in aaaaaages.

Comment, and I will comment back with a picture of the fictional character that most reminds me of you. Then post the same in your journal and join in the fun!
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EDIT: I want Azula to be on my team. Forever, and for everything.

EDIT AGAIN: Oh, Zuko, so much fail. But your hair is hilarious, so that's okay.

EDIT SOME MORE: Azula, just marry Ty Lee. She worships you anyhow, and then you won't have to worry about boys!
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Look, I don't even know why this is still going.

Torchwood and related concepts/characters? Not mine.
Money? None.
MPreg, Amy? Well, it wasn't my idea.

Followon from this, this and this.

I blame the whiskey, this time. At least it can't claim innocence. )
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I joined the choir! Finally! They have many carols! And many sopranos! And the teacher makes us do silly things as we sing while he laughs! And... eeee!

I'm so happy.


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