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Pro: I got a job in Lush.

Con: Meaning I had to cancel an interview last minute.

Pro: I didn't actually want to a) do that interview or b) work there. Also now I have time to get to that careers fair.

Con: Bleh walking.

Pro: Job in Lush. I'm pretty hard to bring down at the moment.

Con: For breakfast I accidentally made a honey sandwich out of tomato bread. Yeah, I'm stretching it here.

Pro: No interview = More time to do research assisting for next door neighbour.

Con: I'm now holding down three jobs. Four if you count the babysitting.

Pro: Moneys. And Lush products. :D!

Oh yeah.


Jan. 11th, 2007 05:59 pm
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Did the essay.

Got it in with 35 minutes to spare.

Don't know how coherent it is.

Can't make myself care.

Man, that feels good.

Now I just have the internet issues to worry about. *eyeroll*
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Today I learned to knit!


(I forgot how before.)

My Mum gets on these project kicks, and so she started off a row of stitches for me, my brother and my sister, and said go! So, I'm making myself a Tom Baker era Doctor Who scarf of epic length. Maybe. Unless I get bored. But so far it's going pretty well, and I'm on my third colour block.

*Rubs hands*

I keep wondering how much fluffy white wool would be, for which I blame [ profile] silveraspen entirely.

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(X-posted to [ profile] puca_project - if you have no clue what I'm going on about, go there!)

Well, there had been numerous hitches to this one - mostly that only two of us could make it, and secondly that it had to be postponed a week due to my illness! But yesterday, on the 4th November, Kate ([ profile] avariel_wings) and I journeyed to Covent Garden.

Photos are to come when Kate's computer does not hate her.

Cut for rambling on the High Seas. Arrr! )

So, very definitely a success - hopefully to be repeated with a bigger group in Cardiff in December, all in piratical gear, where we also plan to re-enact scenes from Pirates of the Carribbean. Roll on the good times!
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*Cries. With. Laughter.*

*Slightly hysterical laughter, it's true, but anyway.*

Cut for sleepless ramblings, ostensible academia and a combination thereof )

Now I'm going home to come down off the caffeine high and get some sleep. But tell me how you all are!
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Okay, I officially have the best luck ever.

I failed to get my housing application in anywhere near on time. The woman who was going to put me up for a few weeks arbitrarily pulled out. I was told for weeks on end that I have no place to stay, only ending up with a room (a week before I have to go) which I can't go to until a week later than I need it, from which I would have to take three buses to get to the University.

Five days before I'm due to go, a family friend rings up with a contact who offers me a room five minutes away from the station, on a route which runs there directly. I'm now in a better situation than some students who have University organised accommodation.

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So, after immense flailing and miscommunication, I finally have my exam results.

I have an A and two Bs overall, and I deem this to be good.

*sighs* I went through so much hassle to try and find out (exam boards and UCAS are the least helpful people ever) and it turn out my school just didn't send them off to me. I was expecting some trawl through websites using specialist passwords that I needed to wrest from the deputy head, and then I just got handed an envelope by my smiling head of year like nothing happened.

The A was in History. Not Drama. ...But looking at the breakdown, it was the exam that went wrong.

Sussex University has accepted me. Much love to them.

Now I must sort out where to live. *Sweatdrops*


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