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I'm back!

'A few days' turned into a week. And it was brilliant fun, and I was going to write a cheering and heartwarming account of it all for you. But... Insert flailing here )


The holiday was lovely, and I had a great time - sharing a room with my sister and cousin Bethany was fun, and we had some good times. Other cousin John came over one day with his family, which must be the only one on Earth which can make me feel short. I swear, three of them could pick me up one-handed. We had some nice food, then climbed a huge forested bank and slid back dow again. Marvellous. And I'm still not too old that my grandparents include me in the Easter-egg hunt. >_>

Shh, it's fun.

Oh, and there was a dinosaur museum with actual palaeontologists in there, looking very serious amid electronic T-Rexes and 'Dare you feel what's inside the hole' exhibits.

What have you been up to?
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What causes fainting?

Because I think my body just tried to. I didn't fall over, but suddenly I was slumping over and felt dizzy and um. I have been eating, plenty. I hadn't had breakfast, but I only just got up, and I had a cup of tea. I'm not ill, apart from a possible impending cold.


In other news, kitten continues to be the most adorable thing ever. There will be pictures when I get my grubby hands on a camera.
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Stuff happened, like a lot.

I seem to have two resposes - the mental one, which was to get online and STAY THERE.

And the physical one, which was apparently to get a slight cold.

All you Londoners, I'm just going to echo everyone else and say that you rule. I'm drinking tea right there with you a few miles down from there. *Sips defiantly*

(On another thought - is anyone else finding themselves unable to be angry? Sad yes, shocked - at the time yes, worried about people, praying to a God I barely get on with that it won't happen again hell yes; but angry? Not so much...)
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I had a scary dream.


*Eyes combination of Milliways, Firefly and very strong cheese*
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Hmm. To eat or not to eat the still-frozen cheesecake.

I think the sister might do so whether I join her or not. I would feel guilty if she died. Also, cheesecake. Frozen? Hm.

I just got my accomodation application form from potential Uni. This is me wibbling and dying of terror inside.

On the plus side, I will get high-speed broadband connection wherever I go there. So that's good. But. I will have to share a flat probably. With people. People I do not know. *Sees self hiding in tiny tiny room forever.*

Cheesecake? Yes, I think so.
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Okay, so tonight I am performing my A-level Theatre Studies scripted piece to the examiners. I may be around later, but as for now, I simply scream in terror and run off.

I think ours is good. So do my teachers. But I fear still. *Wibbles*
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Am babysitting. Save me.

But I have bought myself new Buffy DVDs. Maybe if I just lock myself in here with them and the rest of my Easter chocolate...


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