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Ugh. Staying an hour and a half late at work on a Friday is nnnot great. But better I did that than freak out on Monday morning, I guess. I did not cry from frustration today, but it was a close-run thing.


...My thirteen-year-old brother just asked if I would watch Glee with him tonight. AWWW. I kind of lucked out when he was born, I sometimes think.

Let's see - I might go audition for Little Shop of Horrors tomorrow. *Ponders* I was in it when I was fourteen, and I'd love to do it again. Trrrouble is, I got in last time because they needed two children, one boy and one girl. Still, no harm can come from auditioning, and god knows I need the practise. :S

I've been pretty busy with drama stuff recently, actually - I'm in the Murder Mystery of supreme poorly-written datedness, which is nevertheless one hell of a lot of fun since the cast all get on so well. Then there's the drama festival in two weeks - we're doing a musical medley half-hour slot on the Friday and then a twenty-four-hour musical directly after that which will be awesome, if deadly. That's probably enough to be going on with for now.

Hmm. Glee time, I think. Can't disappoint the brotherlet.
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You know what sucks? Interview techniques. I have this interview tomorrow, and because it's for a graduate placement type thing, it's stupidly complex. I had to write mini-essays in my application and was forced to conduct the telephone interview whilst pacing about in the snow during a lunch break. This one will take two hours, and will involve scenario-based questioning, a role play where I have to flag people down to try and sell them gym memberships, and on-the-job observation where I have to interrupt kidlets who will probably be doing perfectly all right and help them with their work. Oh, and there's yet another interview after this if I get through. *Facepalm* Still, I'm sure my BS skills will get a workout, if nothing else.

For now, lunch - which I will go out to get, because a) there are no vegetables to be had and b) I never end up writing anything if I stay on the laptop. >_>
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This week, I have been mostly working.

It's only a temp contract, for AQA, but at least it's something. Less impressed am I by the nature of the work - the first day and a half I was checking exam papers - nothing fun, just making sure the examiners had added up their marks correctly (a surprising number had not) - but then I was informed that I was supposed to be at the other site. Said site is a very narrow pathway from the other, and totally iced over at the moment, to quite a dangerous degree. 'Should take you ten minutes' my arse. Took us forty-five, and we made good time. It is, however, on a bus route, so that helps. Unfortunately, the nature of the work is slightly different. By which I mean: envelope stuffing. Yay! We send out all the exam scripts, either in envelopes, or more recently in big old boxes. (Which are hella heavy. I've been terrified of straining my back all week. The effort has really made my legs hurt from all the correct lifting - god knows what would happen if I did it incorrectly.)

On the other hand, it's only for two weeks, one of which is done with, and they are paying me seven quid an hour - including the full day that was snowed off. So, could be worse.

This weekend I have been slobbing, having dinner with cousins, and cooking Sunday roast for family and neighbours. Every time I cook a chicken I try out a different method - this week is honey, garlic and ground coriander. Will report back with nom-o-meter.

How are all of you getting on?


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