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*Looks at watch*

Ahhhh yes, death flu season it is! *Melts feebly*

I'm about to go to bed, I swear, since my shift tomorrow is an 8am start. Still, turning on Ancient Laptop and finding it still works (more or less) is worth a celebratory internets or two. Little Precious (shared iPad) is very shiny and speedy, but just doesn't have the same immersive feel of actually sitting down at a computer.

In other news, this happened. Oh, Andrew Lloyd Webber, let it go.

In other news... not much, actually. The first one of my schoolfriends had a baby? That was scary, but the bb is cute and supernaturally chilled out, so that's ok. I keep getting invited to weddings. I think it's just that sort of time. Ooooh, and at work we got delibered a whole load of dinosaur toys. Debi, some of them have your name written all over them, I'm on it.
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OH GOOD LORD, how long has it been since I last posted?


Here is an infodump.

Since my last update I have:

- Passed my Masters with Merit (!!!)

- Been in an original play at Camden Fringe festival, which was AWESOME (if depressing), and also a Remembrance Concert to raise money for the Poppy Appeal. (Less awesome, more cheesy, but all in a good cause, and I learned to use a curling iron!)

- Started interviewing the loveliest old lady about her life and family and omg she remembers WW2 and it's really interesting, because I am a social history nerd.

- Started working two seperate jobs - one Christmas temping at Paperchase (and yesterday I bought SO MUCH STUFF with discount. :D) and one actually related to my field! Basically, it's an old Victorian Fort on a hill near my parents' house which was used during WW2 by the Home Guard - and they run a program on that and ARP Wardens for school groups which I lead half of and you guys it is amazing. Very few jobs require you to raise the flag when you first get in, then dress up in period uniform and shout at children for a few hours, but this one does! I just wish there was more demand - we are only called in when a school books us, so unfortunately it's not something I could live on. Back to the drawing board!

I think that's it, pretty much? ATM I'm mostly RPing in odd bits and pieces, trying to get Christmas shopping together, and fearing the future. Still not sure that one ever gets better...

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agkjlshdh. It's rough, it's incomplete, and I'm already behind, but BEHOLD WHAT WILL BE A GOOD HALF OF MY MASTERS DISSERTATION.

I am going slowly around the bend.

Next up: The Georges in their palaces! And possibly delicious pastry recipes, if I can find one I could concievably make.


...How are yoooou?


Mar. 2nd, 2012 04:52 pm
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Guuuuys, the internet is deeeeead.


Ssssso, I'm going to be living out of the computer labs for a while. It's just like first year again! Tags are coming, Merc/Fi/Roger!

What have I been up to? Well, Uni's getting stressful, in the sense that I have to cold-contact people about letting me interview them or do projects on them for their website and why can't I live out of books anymore? Plus side, did hear back from Kew Palace about maybe doing a piece on their newly opened Georgian kitchens - nice not to be dismissed out of hand.

In the meantime, I've been crewing King Lear for the Shakespeare Society - that goes up next week, finally, and I can stop putting up posters and pretending I know anything about the play. :S


I'm kind of in love with this Kushiel-verse everyone-is-French-pretty-and-possibly-a-holy-prostitute deal! I don't know what this Jacqueline Carey is on, but I kind of want some. And then there was Allpocalypse, and Jack Harkness got to cameo entirely for plot puposes, and I love it all. Oh, Milliways.

I'll never quit you.

(Livejournal, however - yeah. Moooving away, though I'll check my flist still.)
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So I am playing a French woman in a partially-scripted Murder Mystery evening in a couple of weeks - the trouble is that while my half-arsed accent is consistent enough to pass muster, it is highly likely that some bastard will try to question me in French during the interrogation rounds. (We have three rounds where the suspects go up to audience tables and answer any question in-character.)

Can anybody give me a quick-and dirty phrase or two that I can use to acknowledge 'yes you're very clever, this character is indeed fluent, but we'll be doing this in English'? Some other characters also have sections in German, but we do at least have a fluent German-speaker on the production team. I don't want to resort to Babelfish!

What I would like to say:

I think this investigation should be conducted in English for the benefit of your fellow detectives, don't you?

Your accent is terrible.

I think we should speak English.

This is not relevant to the investigation.

At a pinch, I could just keep everything in English, but the whole idea is to immerse the audience as far as possible - even in an emergency we do not break character (there are 'assistant detectives' wandering about who intercede instead).

Any help will be met with utmost gratitude! And a favour back, if it's in my power - icons, drabbles, threads. I will try!

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So! Ye Olde Cousin (Stephen Fry Jr. to those of you that have met him) has started a petition to protest the closure of the UK Film Council.

(In case you don't believe me about him being a mini Fry, I copied his email to me here:

Dear heart,

If you're tweeting at the moment, you may have seen the petition I started yesterday to protest the closure of the UK Film Council. It's gained over 3700 members since 2pm yesterday, and BestForFilm is poised to go to the press with it.

I'm just a little worried that the campaign is losing momentum, and I'm desperate to keep it at the forefront of people's minds until we can launch it properly. With that in mind, I wondered if you'd mind mentioning it to people at work / spreading the word on Milliways? Just remind them we'd have no Christopher Nolan...

Hope you're well and the review passes muster. See you at the weekend!


J x

It's a good cause - and he has a point about Christopher Nolan. D: So please take a look if so inclined?

Thanks everyone!
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Ugh. Staying an hour and a half late at work on a Friday is nnnot great. But better I did that than freak out on Monday morning, I guess. I did not cry from frustration today, but it was a close-run thing.


...My thirteen-year-old brother just asked if I would watch Glee with him tonight. AWWW. I kind of lucked out when he was born, I sometimes think.

Let's see - I might go audition for Little Shop of Horrors tomorrow. *Ponders* I was in it when I was fourteen, and I'd love to do it again. Trrrouble is, I got in last time because they needed two children, one boy and one girl. Still, no harm can come from auditioning, and god knows I need the practise. :S

I've been pretty busy with drama stuff recently, actually - I'm in the Murder Mystery of supreme poorly-written datedness, which is nevertheless one hell of a lot of fun since the cast all get on so well. Then there's the drama festival in two weeks - we're doing a musical medley half-hour slot on the Friday and then a twenty-four-hour musical directly after that which will be awesome, if deadly. That's probably enough to be going on with for now.

Hmm. Glee time, I think. Can't disappoint the brotherlet.
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One day more. That's all before I have a week and a half off. *Chants* And then I shall RP, maybe get a haircut, sleep ridiculous amounts, and go to the Isle of Wight with my family. Possibly even in that order.

But now: SLEEP.

(jkagdkhf LJ, POST.)


Jan. 22nd, 2010 10:59 pm
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Ask Me Anything meme! (from [ profile] bookelfe)

I do not actually remember the wording because it's been a while since this one last went around LJ, but basically, if there is anything you are curious to know about me because you are new around here/are old around here but feel like you should already have known it/have never gotten around to asking despite the fact that you know multitudinous other details of my life like what I eat for breakfast every morning, today is a day to ask it. (It does not have to be RL stuff necessarily! Fannish questions are fun too.)

I will not be offended by anything you ask but I fully retain the right to not answer questions, because sometimes I do like being a woman of mystery. Alternately, I may screen answers if for whatever reason I do not feel comfortable sharing them with the-internet-at-large.

ALSO: Will not so much be around tomorrow, because I'm doing two performances then attending cast party in the evening, and I will be dead when I get home.
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OH MY GOD, you guys.

My show starts tonight, I have to go to the theatre in just over an hour, I'm still streaming with cold. I'm mostly... twitching as I wait until I can take my hyper-strong (PLEASE GOD) decongestant, and cooking myself soup because what else can one doooo?

Soup in question started out as chicken, then morphed into leek and potato and is now some weird amalgam involving ham and whole red chilli because dammit if I can't taste anything, I'm going for nutritional benefit.

And now, flatleaf parsley.

Um um um.

Inhaling steam! Let's DO THAT.
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Work continues dull and mindless. I therefore blame [ profile] rionaleonhart for my recent desire to write Derren Brown into my orginal fic as a thinly-disguised psychic stage magician and reluctant ally to the protagonists' efforts.
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In a feat of miraculous clumsiness, I have just poured hot wax over both my thighs. Those jeans will never be the same again.

I just...


Some days I don't know why I'm allowed out of the house.
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I'm in a good mood, and feeling the posting thing, which means I'm like, QUICK ENGAGE WITH PEOPLE NOW, FOOL. Since... you may have noticed, it's been a while. Or not. I've failed for a while. Buuut I'm still about, and have another week before I start work again, and my panto is done (hahahaha what. So much fun.) So! There was a meme going around awhile back that intrigued me, but I had a hideous cold at the time, as I do for about 80% of the year, so I forwent it. Then... lost it. So I'm rephrasing from memory.

Comment with something you would like to hear an audio file of, and I will record it for you. I never did work out voiceposts, but I can record stuff and upload to megaupload or whatever easily enough. I will happily chat randomly, offer random thoughts on a subject, read a thread, verse or poem; or sing for you, assuming I am familiar with it. Let me practise using my diddy microphone for yoooou!

Let's do that! Meanwhile, I will go around tagging things. La!
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You know what sucks? Interview techniques. I have this interview tomorrow, and because it's for a graduate placement type thing, it's stupidly complex. I had to write mini-essays in my application and was forced to conduct the telephone interview whilst pacing about in the snow during a lunch break. This one will take two hours, and will involve scenario-based questioning, a role play where I have to flag people down to try and sell them gym memberships, and on-the-job observation where I have to interrupt kidlets who will probably be doing perfectly all right and help them with their work. Oh, and there's yet another interview after this if I get through. *Facepalm* Still, I'm sure my BS skills will get a workout, if nothing else.

For now, lunch - which I will go out to get, because a) there are no vegetables to be had and b) I never end up writing anything if I stay on the laptop. >_>
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This week, I have been mostly working.

It's only a temp contract, for AQA, but at least it's something. Less impressed am I by the nature of the work - the first day and a half I was checking exam papers - nothing fun, just making sure the examiners had added up their marks correctly (a surprising number had not) - but then I was informed that I was supposed to be at the other site. Said site is a very narrow pathway from the other, and totally iced over at the moment, to quite a dangerous degree. 'Should take you ten minutes' my arse. Took us forty-five, and we made good time. It is, however, on a bus route, so that helps. Unfortunately, the nature of the work is slightly different. By which I mean: envelope stuffing. Yay! We send out all the exam scripts, either in envelopes, or more recently in big old boxes. (Which are hella heavy. I've been terrified of straining my back all week. The effort has really made my legs hurt from all the correct lifting - god knows what would happen if I did it incorrectly.)

On the other hand, it's only for two weeks, one of which is done with, and they are paying me seven quid an hour - including the full day that was snowed off. So, could be worse.

This weekend I have been slobbing, having dinner with cousins, and cooking Sunday roast for family and neighbours. Every time I cook a chicken I try out a different method - this week is honey, garlic and ground coriander. Will report back with nom-o-meter.

How are all of you getting on?
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Hee hee hee.

I am totally playing hide and seek with a bunch of twelve-year-olds. It's awesome.

Fuckers keep finding me. Grrr. Stupid being-adult-sized!
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We took down all the Christmas stuff today, wrapped up warm against the cold and snow. Weird and inexplicable places that pine needles have shown up thereafter include:

My pockets.
In my shoes.
(related, in my toe. Ow.)
In my freaking bra.
On the cat.

The rest of the day was spent beating my head against the jobseekers website and phone line. One would think they don't want to give me money while I can't find a job. Um.
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Om nom brainmeats )

Mwhahaha. I didn't get a full length one, but the dress was both highly impractical for work (oh, costume parties at Lush <3) and awesome. Full length, dirty white, floaty. And yes, that is theatre blood on my face in the later ones. I freaked so many people out today. *grins*

Now I really need a bath. BUT LATER I WILL COME ONLINE. DAMMIT.
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I just want you all to know that I look awesome.



Oct. 29th, 2008 10:21 pm
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I could resist this one's temptation, but where would the fun be in that?

On the theory that we could all use a hearty dose of positive energy and general warm fuzziness while we wait, none too patiently, for better times; that *no* one I know is getting told often enough what a good job they are doing just getting through this crazy, lovely world. Take a second, and mention something you like about me (if such a thing exists) in the comments. Then repost this to your own journal, and have some goodness for yourself.


Work was... cold, mostly, today. :) I love Lush deeply, as you all know, but aaaaaghcold! Still, I cut and wrapped a lot of soap - which sounds dull, but is actually one of my favourite things to do. Not sure why, it's just really satisfying.

Oh yeah, and the knives we use are nearly the size of my forearm. :D


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