Dec. 14th, 2012

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OH GOOD LORD, how long has it been since I last posted?


Here is an infodump.

Since my last update I have:

- Passed my Masters with Merit (!!!)

- Been in an original play at Camden Fringe festival, which was AWESOME (if depressing), and also a Remembrance Concert to raise money for the Poppy Appeal. (Less awesome, more cheesy, but all in a good cause, and I learned to use a curling iron!)

- Started interviewing the loveliest old lady about her life and family and omg she remembers WW2 and it's really interesting, because I am a social history nerd.

- Started working two seperate jobs - one Christmas temping at Paperchase (and yesterday I bought SO MUCH STUFF with discount. :D) and one actually related to my field! Basically, it's an old Victorian Fort on a hill near my parents' house which was used during WW2 by the Home Guard - and they run a program on that and ARP Wardens for school groups which I lead half of and you guys it is amazing. Very few jobs require you to raise the flag when you first get in, then dress up in period uniform and shout at children for a few hours, but this one does! I just wish there was more demand - we are only called in when a school books us, so unfortunately it's not something I could live on. Back to the drawing board!

I think that's it, pretty much? ATM I'm mostly RPing in odd bits and pieces, trying to get Christmas shopping together, and fearing the future. Still not sure that one ever gets better...



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