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So yes, Love Never Dies: Unfortunately, Since We All Wish It Would Already.

Let's do that.

I have seven pages in my notebook, all written in the dark, and I will try to expand on each note to give you a flavour of just what [ profile] bookelfe and I sat through. (Her review, for she is swifter and more industrious than I am, is here!)

IN FAIRNESS: On a certain level, I did actually have a good time at the show. The cast were excellent; even Christine's actress, who valiantly strove against some horribly written music. (Dear composers: Just because a singer can reach certain notes, does not mean she should constantly be doing it. Especially when the lyrics are kind of important and now really hard to understand.)

Also, if you name your musical after one singular song contained within, for the love of god, could it not be... boring? Seriously. MORE ON THAT LATER.

Review cut for length, incoherency and far too much punctuation! )

In conclusion:

Becca: Gustave has two Daddies and A ROBOT MOMMY. - So he has.

Come on, fess up. Who linked Andrew Lloyd Webber to the Pit of Voles?

EDIT: I cannot believe I just wrote 4,000 words about an Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical.
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*Much later*

Okay, okay. You probably don't care in the least, but here is my mark breakdown with commentary:

Marks and stuff! )

In other news, I appear to have accidentally agreed to join the Curtain Raisers (theatre group) committee. May whatever God you pray to have mercy on my soul.
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So, I dreamed that I was watching this season's Heroes finale. It was so cracked out that I'm not sutting it, because no way are any of these spoilers. It was several months in the future, and the Company had taken over most of the globe. It was secretly being run by a gameshow host who brought talented children onto his show to showcase their abilities for the world! In breaks, there were demontrations by Sylar, who for some reason had put on weight and found his true calling as a stunt truck driver - bouncing and leaping over piles of stuff. It was awesome! Back stage there was a lil' crippled lad who couldn't get to the stage on time to show the world his power! Woes! But then things took a sinister turn when it transpired that using a combination of evil jelly beans and certain people with specific powers placed at certain points around the world... Something Bad Would Happen.

Luckily, they'd forgotten to tell the show host's assistant that she was one of them and would be based on the Statue of Liberty, and she was furious when she found out because what about the childrens? So she demonstrated her power of Evil Bean Destruction, and flew away!

Elsewhere, Mohinder flailed around uselessly.

I don't know why I'm surprised after going out with [ profile] corchen and [ profile] hazeljnutt, I really don't.
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I am highly embarrassed by last night.

So here is Zuko to dance for you.
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So, I read HP7.

All in all, OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! But then again, *nitpickity* )

*grins* Chat in comments? I'm going away for a week tomorrow, but I'm very curious to hear your opinions.

There will also, some time, be a Millicon report. But be assured that it rocked hardcore, and I was utterly delighted to see so many people, and have them be as - if not more! - awesome than I had imagined.

Now I must go and dye my little sister's hair.
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IIIII'm leaving for the airport tonight.


So much to do... so little time... Kate! I'm bringing a pack of cards! Also, sickness drugs!

I will see many of you tomorrow, then.

If I survive. No, I will. Ahahahahaha!

EDIT: Anyway. I change at Dublin, though I'm not quite sure how that works. Checking in online now, so at least there'll be that. What about luggage? Do I need to collect and re-check it? Augh!
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I'm hooooome.

Also clean, and caffeinated. I feel these things are important. The weekend was awesome, from going up on the swelteringly hot Underground to the pub (hurrah) to the flashmob which was basically a huge play fight (hurrah!) and back to the pub again. (HURRAH!) The only real problem was the heat, which I had been informed was to be lacking, and was... not. Ow. Black leather waistcoats, while awesome, are really hot when running about in the sun. The the next day (rather hungover. Ahem.) There was lunch with [ profile] innerbrat and [ profile] requiem2adream and chatting and plotting about Runaways pups. Ehehehe. And in the evening, Pirates of the Carribean, where we were joined by some people I have met before but whose journal names I am unsure of, [ profile] avariel_wings, [ profile] matgb and [ profile] malachan, who came out of hiding for the first time in ages!

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