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Okay, so in my dream last night, Carlisle Cullen turned into Barack Obama halfway through without anyone really noticing.

I haven't even read or watched Twilight.



Not the rabbits. Fuckers. Meeeeeeble.
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You know, my dreams are really getting weirder by the day. Night.

Last night involved the sacred ball of yarn that had defeated Voldemort, hidden away by Prince Zuko in his ongoing territory war/courtship with Queen Susan of Narnia. A secret stash of gold coins and a chalice came into it somewhere. Meanwhile, the government had passed a resolution that all British citizens had to be rounded up into camps before being redistributed into economically viable homes/jobs, and a gang of teens were making use of London's many secret passages to keep hidden from the Faceless Henchmen.

I'm... not even sure where to start pointing blame for that one.
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So, I dreamed that I was watching this season's Heroes finale. It was so cracked out that I'm not sutting it, because no way are any of these spoilers. It was several months in the future, and the Company had taken over most of the globe. It was secretly being run by a gameshow host who brought talented children onto his show to showcase their abilities for the world! In breaks, there were demontrations by Sylar, who for some reason had put on weight and found his true calling as a stunt truck driver - bouncing and leaping over piles of stuff. It was awesome! Back stage there was a lil' crippled lad who couldn't get to the stage on time to show the world his power! Woes! But then things took a sinister turn when it transpired that using a combination of evil jelly beans and certain people with specific powers placed at certain points around the world... Something Bad Would Happen.

Luckily, they'd forgotten to tell the show host's assistant that she was one of them and would be based on the Statue of Liberty, and she was furious when she found out because what about the childrens? So she demonstrated her power of Evil Bean Destruction, and flew away!

Elsewhere, Mohinder flailed around uselessly.

I don't know why I'm surprised after going out with [ profile] corchen and [ profile] hazeljnutt, I really don't.
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So, in my dream, we were living in a farmhouse and going on adventures. It was like the Famous Five, except it was... me. Me and some npcs, and some of the cast of Heroes.

They froze Sylar! Kind of his own fault for being in a box of cheesecake, but he was okay. Then he came looking for some paintings I found in a secret compartment behind a cupboard (now I think about it, they were clearly some of Isaac's, apart from being really old) and Claire was in them, only he couldn't find her. So there was some running around, and at the fair, the Charlie's Angels of EVIL showed up, and crashed my plane, so there was a fight, and THEN we went to the farmhouse, and the pub was closed, and kind of creepy inside, so I left rather than turn it into a horror movie, and then some guy went fishing with rocks, and the rest of us went into the forest, where Mohinder and I had a nice chat about how we both did Duke of Endinburgh's award, and then on to the theatre! There was dancing attached to wires, and the audience joined in singing. It was awesome.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I try not to sleep for fifteen hours straight after staying awake for thirty-three.

*Downs tea* So, what's happening?

OH AND: Meme swiped from [ profile] vivien529, cause I haven't seen this one in aaaaaages.

Comment, and I will comment back with a picture of the fictional character that most reminds me of you. Then post the same in your journal and join in the fun!
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I'm cooking!

Trouble is, it needs to simmer for a good while yet, and I am huuuuungry. But if I snack now I won't eat much when the curry is ready. Oh, decisions.

Maybe I'll watch Avatar to distract myself. >_>

Completely OT, I had a dream the other night that crossed BSG and Firefly. It's main point was that Zoe was a Cylon sleeper agent, which of course made perfect sense at the time.

If I write that fic it will eat my brain.
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I had the weirdest dream last night.

Well, by weird I mean, it was kind of cool! It was a sort of cross between Runaways and Supernatural with a bit of Corpse Bride thrown in for the monsters. And set in some kind of mountains, in Wales or somewhere, where we, the Runaways, were hunting some strange evil floaty creatures. Our weapons were: pins, and some specialised form of chewing gum which contained a substance harmless to humans but lethal to the creatures. Yes. On my day off, I cycled down in the valley, to find Sam Winchester's campus. But lo! For he was in college-mode, so didn't come help us with fighting the evil.

Things came to a head when a foray into enemy territory went awry, and we had to inject each other with the chewing-gum juice to make sure nobody was possessed, and in the meantime, we got snuck up on by floaty zombie-creatures on one side and some generic Bad Guys from the other, who stabbed Karolina.

While I wailed melodramatically over her injuries, it transpired that Sammy had gotten the wrong end of the stick and was helping the Bad Guys because he'd thought we were the evil ones.

Then I woke up.

*sigh* I wanted to see how we escaped!
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*Pokes internets tentatively*

1) I... think... I may be okay.


2) Yes, I buggered off with little to no warning, and I feel crappy about it. My excuse is that every time I tried to log on/read flist/check emails having it work for a few second and then DIE was driving up my blood pressure. Also: Gainful employment.

3) Yes! I waitress in my local pub now, and it's pretty good fun. And it's also always nice when your employer clings to your hand and tells you how glad they are you came to work there. *Beamy*

4) Yesterday I went swimming with many children, and didn't drown even one!

5) My dreams have been freakyweird of late. I spent all of last night on the run from the police of a corrupt king-creature who wished me to dance. I didn't wanna. There was much wearing of shades and therefore being unrecognisable!

6) Also, I want to bring Nico in this week. I think I got her, now. *Skims canon once more*
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So, today was retail therapy. I try not to do it much, but I legitimately needed some stuff... and after last night I legitimately needed to get out of the house, and away from the fucking dripping.

So, I have chocolate, and I have exciting bath stuff. And new toothpaste and a soap holder, but that's dull.

I had the weirdest dreams last night, in between getting up to check the buckets hadn't overflowed or exploded or anything. I dreamed my Daddy turned up randomly to save me, but in an echo of our email conversation, he still couldn't help me turn off the water. There was a party, too. I hid. *waves hand vaguely* Sometimes you don't want your subconscious echoing reality that accurately, y'know?

Also, I rewatched Calendar Girls last night. OMG Harriet Jones, MP Flydale North! I forgot she was in it! I kind of like that movie. Cried copiously, but you already knew that. It was a recurring theme.

So today is better, given that I'm not on my own anymore.

Only I seem to have skipped lunch and dinner. Let's go fix that.

EDIT: Holy crap, I also dreamed I was smoking. Like, a cigarette. Something I am firmly against - just the smell makes me cough. WTF subconscious?
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Dear god. Did I just sleep for eighteen hours?


I'm really hungry. Evidently sleep takes it out of you.

I had a dream where the granny was the murderer. But we foiled it my strategically moving the noose so she couldn't reach it, because she was so small. And, like. We couldn't turn her in, because granny, but we weren't going to shelter her because the bitch was a murderer! So we sent her to get the train. While we painted the entire room blue.

And no, dammit, she couldn't have a different bag to pick green beans in.

...I know. I have mental problems.

On a different note, I adore my Tuesday lecture. The lecturer is soft-spoken and Irish and confused and hilariously funny, and he talks about medieval theology and medicine and magic and gender identity and witch-hunts and other things that make me squee from my seat at the back.

Extract from notes: 'Controlling demons with chemistry = serious science. Apparently attempted with straight faces for over a century.'
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I had a scary dream.


*Eyes combination of Milliways, Firefly and very strong cheese*


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