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Ugh. Staying an hour and a half late at work on a Friday is nnnot great. But better I did that than freak out on Monday morning, I guess. I did not cry from frustration today, but it was a close-run thing.


...My thirteen-year-old brother just asked if I would watch Glee with him tonight. AWWW. I kind of lucked out when he was born, I sometimes think.

Let's see - I might go audition for Little Shop of Horrors tomorrow. *Ponders* I was in it when I was fourteen, and I'd love to do it again. Trrrouble is, I got in last time because they needed two children, one boy and one girl. Still, no harm can come from auditioning, and god knows I need the practise. :S

I've been pretty busy with drama stuff recently, actually - I'm in the Murder Mystery of supreme poorly-written datedness, which is nevertheless one hell of a lot of fun since the cast all get on so well. Then there's the drama festival in two weeks - we're doing a musical medley half-hour slot on the Friday and then a twenty-four-hour musical directly after that which will be awesome, if deadly. That's probably enough to be going on with for now.

Hmm. Glee time, I think. Can't disappoint the brotherlet.
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It's raining and I don't have a coat and I don't wanna go to college. But I must.

Also, pain hurts.

And tampons are the creation of the devil.



How are you?
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My yellow Thai noodle soup is not as delicious as it should have been.

This saddens me.

Let's see. Yellow pepper, sweetcorn, mushroom, noodles, fresh ginger, yellow Thai curry paste, cream coconut, hot water, soy sauce, chilli. Where is the wrong there?

I didn't know something could taste spicy and bland at the same time.

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All right, fuck this, y'all.

I don't even know when I started saying y'all, or why. I'm British, we don't do that.

But I'm also fed up of flickering internets. I miss AIM. I miss crackchat, I miss threading, and I miss... just being able to ping people if I want. I know I rarely do, because I am phobic of initiating conversation in case people find me irritating or unlikeable and I find I have nothing to say after starting, but! I miss it. I'm almost ready to take the laptop into uni and pull an all-nighter using their wireless just for the company.


Oh, well. We are (eventually) getting a new router, or whatever it's called, but GAH.

*sigh* Debi, I want you to know that your Hogswatch present is seriously saving my sanity here. I swear, I'd get more actual work done if I had a steady connection. It makes no sense, but at least I wouldn't be so distracted.

To-do: Rewatch Torchwood for Milli-threading.
Write up Jack thoughts.
Ditto Harth, plus... stuff.
Refrain from stabbing Magic and Superstition tutor.
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Whuh, this is all new and fancy.

I'm too old to take change! *Shakes fist*


Anyway, it strikes me I haven't updated - or Milliwaysed, for that matter - in a while, since clearly OOMs don't count, no matter how much I love them. And the reason for this is mostly that I get tired. Not tired enough to go to bed early and wake up at a reasonable time (though today is okay) but too tired to keep my concentration until four in the morning like I know I can. Bleh. All I want for Christmas is some sense to my sleeping habits!

The last few days (and I blame [ profile] metaphor for this entirely) I've had a veering of my interest back to my older fandoms, namely Pern. No, dammit, I cannot rejoin the old email game! I sucked at it, and also hated that format! Fleh. Also, my Redwall books are starting to look tempting. Help, I'm regressing! Mostly I'm babysitting, when not flopping around on the internet or in town (ahahaha Christmas shopping) but although I get money for that, it doesn't not advance me further. I need a to-do list. And then to get off my arse and do stuff.

...Oh, and to tag That Thing, yes, Debi.

And start reviwing BPAL again. (Frumious Bandersnatch is so good.)

Hahahaha. Maybe coffee will help.
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What causes fainting?

Because I think my body just tried to. I didn't fall over, but suddenly I was slumping over and felt dizzy and um. I have been eating, plenty. I hadn't had breakfast, but I only just got up, and I had a cup of tea. I'm not ill, apart from a possible impending cold.


In other news, kitten continues to be the most adorable thing ever. There will be pictures when I get my grubby hands on a camera.
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Grr. Argh.

Or something.

You know, it's really scary that the test which makes up 50% of my elective course was apparently not scheduled right. Or, nonexistent. Or, I and a bunch of others went to the wrong place and am even now blithely missing it.

*Le sigh*

I got up early for nothing. Surprisingly, I don't mind this so much. At least I'm up.

I should revise. But I really, really don't care that much.
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OMG portfolio done and signed in, thank god.

Now, for the essay due in next week. *Eyes it thoughtfully*

In other news, self-analysis is not fun. Aren't brains supposed to become less productive after not enough sleep?
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Spending my day procrastinating.

From what?

Oh, everything. Everyone has those days.

Someday I will be organised enough to bring food from home to eat at college, since I generally manage breakfast before coming out, then live on coffee until I get back at past midnight. Though I managed a drinking yoghurt thing today that was surprisingly filling for something mostly air. The concept of a straw with a joint that lets in air through it confuses me. Though maybe they think it will satisfy more cravings, and thus they have to put in less actual yoghurt.

It could be a new diet programme and make its creator rich. Not that I'm organised enough to do anything with it.

Drama Society featured voting for people I know nothing about to fill positions I know nothing about. I'm sure I contributed great insight.

Only other thing I achieved was signing up for a teacher training/experience placement at a local school. If I get it, I will be paid. This idea is a nice one. On the other hand, I may be not the kind of person they want in contact with impressionable young minds.

*Lunch break*

STUDENT: What are you doing?
AMY: Well, see, this is an online RPG, short for Role Playing Game. This is my character, and that is someone else's, you see, and they have conversations.
STUDENT: Why are they two boys kissing?
Amy: ... *Minimises*
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At University.

No internet in lodgings. Don't know how to work wireless on-campus. Computer rooms have no AIM.

Very lonely.

But not dead! I am staying in a very nice house, and I have Eddie Izzard and Firefly DVDs and a pile of books, and it's good.

I am having Milliways withdrawal. *Headdesks, pines after Broadband connection at parents house*
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You know what's fun?

Knowing you will be at University in a week and suddenly having your host family withdraw their offer of accommodation!

That's what!
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Oooh. Dear. Four hours sleep not enough.

Need more tea.

Also motivation to leave the house.

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Cut for panicky whining )
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Well, I have been very neglectful and bad. Bad Amy. But I have been doing stuff! Honest!

On Friday I checked out Exeter University - got shown around by a very nice girl (as we missed our tour), and it is very nice. Then we went to stay with friends in Penzance (beautiful little Cornish town), which, though warm was very windy. As in, I nearly got blown over the cliff when we went for a walk. Fear! We found a shop, too. A beautiful shop, with all posh clothing for very very cheap. I now have a lovely purple jacket and a party frock which is unusually revealing and tight (for me, anyway. Which means you can see my ankles! *Swoons* Fetch my smelling salts!)

Um, then I went to catch up with [ profile] milliways_bar, as [ profile] fmith and I had Valentines crack fun planned for our pups. I have a new OTP. *Squees at the cute*

Er, in other news... Um, [ profile] trollprincess is having a costume party! *Digs out Opera Ghost icon*

EDIT: ...And this is because I went to see Phantom of the Opera in the West End yesterday. For the second time. So. Good. OMG.

Also, I'm quite busy planning my birthday party, for which I'm doing a Murder Mystery Dinner, and panicking. I don't wanna grow up! *Sniffles* I want always to be a little boy girl and have fun! *stamps foot* Ow. But yes. Tomorrow I'm 18. And an adult. According to one of my Dad's friends, my alcohol tolerance will magically exceed my parents', but I doubt it. Am pathetic. *Sighs* I need to go shopping for stuff, but I can't be bothered. But I have to. Okay... *Goes*
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I was going to update now, but I fear there would be too much angst. That's never fun, so I shall merely say: busy, slightly stressed, tired, suffering acting-withdrawal symptoms, fearing Uni.

Oh, and I have recieved offers from Exeter, Sussex, Leicester and Sheffield. Thoughts?



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