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Without Sir Terry Pratchett, my life would have been much duller, less thoughtful, and considerably lonelier.

I felt moved to say something here in particular, because he's had such an influence on my online life, and since my online life was about the only one I had for... some years, and is still the place where I engage with some of my very favourite people... Yes.


I'm not at all ashamed by the amount of ugly crying this news has brought on, although I will have to go to sleep at some point. Ugh.

Virtual group hugs all round.

(I started to write another sentence, and then realised I sounded like a BBC news post written by someone with a diseased mind.: "If you have been affected by this story, write in and tell us!!!!!!" But you know what I mean.)
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I'm hooooome.

Also clean, and caffeinated. I feel these things are important. The weekend was awesome, from going up on the swelteringly hot Underground to the pub (hurrah) to the flashmob which was basically a huge play fight (hurrah!) and back to the pub again. (HURRAH!) The only real problem was the heat, which I had been informed was to be lacking, and was... not. Ow. Black leather waistcoats, while awesome, are really hot when running about in the sun. The the next day (rather hungover. Ahem.) There was lunch with [ profile] innerbrat and [ profile] requiem2adream and chatting and plotting about Runaways pups. Ehehehe. And in the evening, Pirates of the Carribean, where we were joined by some people I have met before but whose journal names I am unsure of, [ profile] avariel_wings, [ profile] matgb and [ profile] malachan, who came out of hiding for the first time in ages!

Reactions, spoilers maybe, you know the drill )


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