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Is there any way I actually want to watch Something Borrowed? I'm... scared to. It's really sad that even the possibility of a pairing can make me that worried. Although I guess it's also one I love breaking up (Not a spoiler! These are just my fears.) It'll have to wait until later, anyhow - going into Special Collections (where the history lives) and reading Women's Own issues from the 50s. Yes. They are hilarious. If you're good, I'll bring back funny quotes.

Additionally! Finally saw V for Vendetta, with was a nice combination of awesome, heartbreaking and hilariously silly. When I finally renew Havelock's account, I really have to get some screencaps for great knife action. Not the, er. Blurry ones, though. His don't do that.

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Dear Torchwood,





P.S. NO CUT TAG FOR YOU. Seriously. It's another plot point they swiped from Buffy. That's not a spoiler, it was inevitable.

EDIT: Testamonials meme! It's what's for breakfast.
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Dear Torchwood,


Also? Might want to work out a way to use less CGI, because that was painful. Plus, you need to get your Owen and Tosh character motivations sorted. They're flip-flopping in a way that is painfully contrived.

Apart from that, I'm still loving the second season. The lines, the badassery of Ianto, everything.

Love, but a warning,

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Torchwood: *Continues awesome*

I am so, so glad they let Ianto start talking about stuff other than work. He is the light of my life, even when Jack's doing his 'I am dark' thing. Their banter gives me the glee.

Anyway, I too lazy to try and summarise coherently here. Please feel free to glee or discuss here.

Spoilers, duh.
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You know the drill, right?

Torchwood fandom, MPreg-verse, no money being made, warnings for... uh, swearing? Complete lack of logic?
Warning: SPOILERS for Torchwood series 2 episode 1. However, all dialogue is from my memory, and therefore probably very wrong. But the gist of it's all right. Er. Up until the whole alien baby thing.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

Torchwood MPreg Part WTF )
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You know, at some point I'll learn to write narrative as well as dialogue.

Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Jack, Ianto, unnamed and unwanted sprog.
Ownership: Not mine.
Setting: Somewhere. Possibly TIC-verse, possibly not. Just somewhere.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Torchwood MPreg part Oh Dear God )
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Seen it.



When shamelessly trashy TV is good for the soul )

Reactions, please! Talk to me!
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I really need to get out of this house.

Shower. Walk. I'll take a book and go sit in the comfy pub with squishy chairs. Something.

I'm almost caught up with [ profile] theinternetcafe stuff. You guyyys. *Wails faintly* Man, Jack's going to feel awkward when he sees that.

I'll get on RP stuff tonight. Tagging slowtimes, writing OOMs, indeedy. Torchwood muns, expect back room poking. :D
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Here is an oops-I-haven't-updated-in-a-while entry!

I had my sister over for the weekend, which is why I wasn't around much: Mainly, I spent the time introducing her to series two Heroes and Avatar in general, which predictably, she loved. Ummm.

Today! My Science and History tutor set up a quiz for us - basically a reference-hunt. Here, have a look! Why were these three titles chosen for weekly topic headers? 1789 and All That, Imperial Nature (about C19th botanists and classification) and The Ringing Grooves of Change (about Victorian period industrial advances.) I won. :D! Man, I haven't felt so geeky in a long time. It feels gooood. And then we all got chocolate. :D I ♥ Professor Endersby.

Then there was choir, which, my god. I love it so much. I've missed singing so much in the two years I've been at Uni without it. We're doing A Ceremony of Carols for a concert at the end of term, which is really lovely, and unusual, too. We've got a few more pieces, as well, including a very pretty arrangement of Away in a Manger. *sighs happily* Anyone who thinks female soprano voices are squeaky and unattractive should be made to come and listen to some of these pieces. I have a minor girlcrush on one of our soloist's voices, it's that lovely. And one piece is so fantastic I keep wanting to learn how to vid just to try and make an Aang-centric one with it. >_> never mind that it's about, you know, Jesus, not the Avatar. It's close enough! Mind you, I do wish they'd run through one or two of the chorus parts a little more. Some of us can't read music so well, conductor-man!


Ummm... Got my Jack-meta on over here earlier...

And that's pretty much it. What have you all been up to?
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Look, I don't even know why this is still going.

Torchwood and related concepts/characters? Not mine.
Money? None.
MPreg, Amy? Well, it wasn't my idea.

Followon from this, this and this.

I blame the whiskey, this time. At least it can't claim innocence. )
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Followon from this and this. Not mine, all the BBC's, yadda yadda.

Well, somehow this next bit turned into Owen-Tosh friendschmoop.

I have no idea how or why.


*Head in hands*

Oh, my poor soul. )
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Prequel to this.

Uh. Not mine, warning for... I dunno. Swearing? Pregnancy of the male nature?


Don't judge me.


This is all Del's fault )
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[ profile] apiphile is clearly a bad influence.

Mpreg!Jack Harkness drabble.

No, I don't know either.
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Ooookay, so I know I suck at memes.

But this one looks fun! And it only requires a snippet, so maybe I can do it!

Name three fics you think I will never, ever, ever write. (For whatever reason.) In return, I will attempt to write a snippet of one of them.
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*Slightly embarrassed glance at last night's post*

Er, yes. Predictably, I felt on the crap side this morning, but have steadily improved (the one good thing about hangovers - there's stuff you can do to make them go away.) Lots of water, painkillers, an apple, some flat lemonade and some fresh bread with just marmite on, and I feel vaguely human again.

Back to uni tomorrow. D: I'll actually probably like bits of that, but it does feel a bit depressing, not least because I have a 3000 word essay due within the first four days. I'm on top of it, as far as I can be without really caring much. (Electives FTW. Is internet fandom gendered? Probably, yes. Do I care enough to study dull, dull, theoretical texts? Um....)

Man. I have stuff to be doing! I have the most awesome course starting (Magic and Superstition, bay-bee) and of course that whole Milliways thing. Reminder to self: get fucking organised for playing with Torchwood-canon. Actually talking to a couple of canon-mate muns would seem a plan! And slowtimes, and OOMs, oh boy. Getting Harth's head sorted out so I actually know what he's thinking, however unpleasant it may be.

OMG, stop raaaaining...
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More later when coherent.

Also: Fuck. I need to retcon.

ETA: Spoilers in comments, yo.
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I appear to have missed the past two weeks, though I'll remedy the second right now. I don't know why - I wasn't even ill for the first. That one: I liked it. It was well characterised, sad, and generally worked, even though the explanation was basically:

Writer: "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if...?"

But it was, kinda, so we'll let that one slide and move onto this week's, Combat.

Yay for Spoilers! )

Well, well, well. Next week looks interesting. Oh, and I kind of loved the Runaway Bride. What they haven't quite got right in Torchwood yet really does make Doctor Who a joy to watch.
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Oh, and is there a lot this week. Safe to say I wasn't impressed

Even more incoherent than usual due to watching live )

Man. Next week looks interesting. Or has the potential to be, at least in comparison to that.
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Oooh. This one looks good, and yet already so much to bitch about.

Let's get started )

Man. Questions, comments?

On the Real Life side, the plumbing's fixed, which I'm sure warms all your hearts for me. Also, I got penalty fare-d this morning on the train. *Sulk* I'm appealing it, obviously, more for the principle than the twenty quid. The woman was so nice about it, she gave me a list of things to say in my letter that'll get me off the hook. *Amused.*

Dinner now.


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