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Thaaaaat happened. I've got the traditional lurgy, so I'm taking it easy. But I've managed to eat plenty, and the reduced drinking has probably been a bonus, health-wise, so it is OKAY.

And yesterday there was the Doctor Who Christmas special!

That has to have been easily the best episode I can remember for a long while. It was spooky and pretty and creepy, and really made headway on the issues that usually make me facepalm!

Let's ramble as I rewatch (and drink Peroni now I feel a bit steadier):

The Spoilers of Christmas Past )


Good form, show.

Halfway out of the dark.
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We took down all the Christmas stuff today, wrapped up warm against the cold and snow. Weird and inexplicable places that pine needles have shown up thereafter include:

My pockets.
In my shoes.
(related, in my toe. Ow.)
In my freaking bra.
On the cat.

The rest of the day was spent beating my head against the jobseekers website and phone line. One would think they don't want to give me money while I can't find a job. Um.


Dec. 25th, 2008 11:51 pm
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You know how much my cousin loves me?

He met Stephen Fry; his hero and general personification of awesome, and got him to write a message in a copy of his America book... for me.

I think I may sleep with it under my pillow.

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Dudes, y'all better be glad that the last post was privated. Seriously.

Which is code for: I am not well at all. I am miserable and self-pitying because of this fact. Hence, I will not be around much. It's pretty much working on Fray OOMs, and that's it.

I wish you all a very happy time of year, whether you celebrate the Christmas or not, and hope you all enjoy better health than I have managed.

You know, one day I'll write a thesis on the non-effect of healthy eating on the immune system.
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I have a candy cane.

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Very brief, still ded of flu.

Happy December 25th, all of you. Thank you so much for the messages, Lauren and Nny and also for being wonderful in general - you and absolutely everyone. I'm not talking about Christmas day here, because it's depressing, but that is nothing to do with anyone else. If anything, I think I'm lucky to have so many great people, both family and friends.

Even if I could have done without my Great-Aunt telling me this could go on for weeks.

Cannot really handle chat programmes, or... you know, talk, but please do email if you want for any reason. Going to bed now.

*Hugs* I'll try and be back and involved in stuff again soon.
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OI. Marthe and Clare and wtf I don't want rich text this looks like several arses! Er. Yes. You two are the ones that I can think of right now, but anyone else as well - address here if you seriously actually want a Christmas card. Comments are screened, but gimme!
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I sent off Packages of Christmas Things today.

Man, the post office is extortionate. But! Things! *cackles* I feel all seasonal now. I also bought a purple and green stripy hat.

And now, I am about to go to a friend's for dinner - I'll be around later.

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Miche, your birthday don't show up on the My LJ screen. I could have missed it!

Hope you both have a great day.


!) I actually managed to drag myself in for the Seminar today. I always seem to end up with electives that I supremely don't care about, and it's therefore a little tricky making myself attend - particularly when I have essays for my chosen courses to do.

") I also think I've been sleeping wrong - or having to look down at the laptop all the time is taking its toll. This is one hell of an ache. *squirms and waits for painkillers to kick in.*

£) Currently, I am making Christmas Lists. It's very exciting. *beams*

$) Accordingly, tomorrow will be spent shopping and putting together packages. I actually don't mind getting organised for Christmas - helps me get into the seasonal spirit, and let's face it, I need all the help I can get.

%) I need to decide whether or not to order something from the actual BPAL site before the holidays. How long would a parcel take to get to me in the UK, anyone know? 'Cause if it takes longer than a few weeks, I should send it to home home, not Uni home. Hmm.

^) Last night, I had the weirdest dream. The antichrist had come to earth in the form of a little girl, and such is my subconscious indoctrination by Milliways that my dreamself immediately went to find Milli!Adam to ask him to sort it out, please.


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