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Pro: I got a job in Lush.

Con: Meaning I had to cancel an interview last minute.

Pro: I didn't actually want to a) do that interview or b) work there. Also now I have time to get to that careers fair.

Con: Bleh walking.

Pro: Job in Lush. I'm pretty hard to bring down at the moment.

Con: For breakfast I accidentally made a honey sandwich out of tomato bread. Yeah, I'm stretching it here.

Pro: No interview = More time to do research assisting for next door neighbour.

Con: I'm now holding down three jobs. Four if you count the babysitting.

Pro: Moneys. And Lush products. :D!

Oh yeah.
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Oh my god, my little kitty is satanic. :(

She killed a little bird this morning, and yet again left just feathers - and a whole, perfectly formed and cleaned little birdy heart. Just what you want to deal with when you first get up!

In other news, my whole house smells of cake, due to Rectory Fair tomorrow. My town is indeed stupendously English.
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Aw now, that's just cute.

And this is Zuko Dante Basco doing slam poetry!

Because the world could use some awesome.
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I did good work today. Not that I'm not still significantly behind where I should/wanted to be by this stage, but I did that thing where as well as writing more, I organised bits so they actually flow, got rid of floating annotations that were redundant and were just screwing up my running word count, and shifted whole paragraphs so they're actually in the right chapter. 2000-ish words to go, but should be a fairly straightforward run at it hereafter.

We're not talking about the other two that I haven't even started.

I have a glass of wine, and I have dinner, and I appear to be composing feminism posts in standup form in my head.

Hello! I'm here to talk about feminism! )
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I am writing essay questions for my homework. Sigh. I feel fifteen again. Dissertation is going. Slowly, but it's going, and I think I can have it basically written by the end of this week. Hold me to that. Mind you, tutor's printing off another article for me, and getting me a book to check out this week, so I still haven't finished my stupid research. Ah, well. That's what the ability to insert text into a word document is for.

Aww, historical feminist snobbery. Bless. Mind you, I can never read any of this woman's stuff without feeling sad for her. It must have sucked being a feminist in the 50s. Poor woman wrote a book on the oppression and isolation of young mothers, got it published, and committed suicide before first print. That's just sad. *Pets her* Almost makes me sorry for ripping her work to shreds in the second chapter.

Tum ti tum.

How are you today?
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Look, I don't even know why this is still going.

Torchwood and related concepts/characters? Not mine.
Money? None.
MPreg, Amy? Well, it wasn't my idea.

Followon from this, this and this.

I blame the whiskey, this time. At least it can't claim innocence. )

Two things

Sep. 26th, 2007 11:17 pm
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1. Look ma, a Love Meme!

I'm working my way through. Slowly. My method goes 'follow alphabet, and write stuff if something strikes you.' But these things are always worthy, and this one is so prettily and helpfully coded!


2. Um. I was gonna play tonight. *Sheepish* Sorry. I got distracted by sisterly angst which turned into watching Supernatural onna laptop, and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost being dorks onna TV.

One day it will happen!
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*Pokes internets tentatively*

1) I... think... I may be okay.


2) Yes, I buggered off with little to no warning, and I feel crappy about it. My excuse is that every time I tried to log on/read flist/check emails having it work for a few second and then DIE was driving up my blood pressure. Also: Gainful employment.

3) Yes! I waitress in my local pub now, and it's pretty good fun. And it's also always nice when your employer clings to your hand and tells you how glad they are you came to work there. *Beamy*

4) Yesterday I went swimming with many children, and didn't drown even one!

5) My dreams have been freakyweird of late. I spent all of last night on the run from the police of a corrupt king-creature who wished me to dance. I didn't wanna. There was much wearing of shades and therefore being unrecognisable!

6) Also, I want to bring Nico in this week. I think I got her, now. *Skims canon once more*
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Prequel to this.

Uh. Not mine, warning for... I dunno. Swearing? Pregnancy of the male nature?


Don't judge me.


This is all Del's fault )


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