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Aaaand moving right on to episode two!

Dee dee dee... )
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I just got around to watching Heroes.

Here be stream-of-consciousness.

Spoilers, yessir. )
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1) Well, back at Uni.

2) The brand new wireless thinger we were upgraded to at the end of last term has turned out to be far worse than the one we had before - housemate Debbie was on the phone for about an hour last night trying to fix it, but nothing. They're sending us a new one, while in the meantime it cuts out every five-ten minutes. AIM, for this reason, is a bit out of the question. I'm actually fairly zen about it, since I have a lot of work to do these next couple of days, and enforced lack of AIM might help me get down to it... but boy will I be angry if it's still like this by Friday.

3) Courses... well, actually, the two I've had so far have been on the dull side. Worryingly enough, one was Magic and Superstition, but I'll hold out, since he was just wittering on about how this was 'cultural history' we were doing, and going over the course outline, rather than just getting down to teaching. English Society... well, I had her last year. You know those people that put pauses

really randomly in the middle of sentences for no apparent reason? Yes. That's her. It makes her supremely difficult to listen to without drifting off, especially since she is the living, female equivalent of Professor Binns. (I have nothing against dates and rebellions, I just think there's a little more to the subject, you know?) Mind you, it did give me the giggles when she said "...The Glorious Revolution, which I started

Really, Prof? Wow, looking good for your age,

...talking about at the beginning of this lecture."


4) Hoboy. I need a to-do list: a) Finish Bibliography and essay plan, b) If possible, write out introduction, c) Wash hair, if possible, no time tomorrow, d) TAG SLOWTIMES sorryDebi. e) Renew paid accounts, f) Bed EARLY. Oh, and g) Clean, since it's my job this week.

5) A lot of people are having a bad time lately, looks like. :( It really sucks when that happens, and there's nothing that can be done except distribute virtual hugs. Hopefully it's partly January Blues - dull days do tend to bring you down, especially when there's other problems, too. Hope everyone feels better, soon.

6) Dammit, Professor Livesey, I WANT MY ESSAY. *Stamps foot* Other people have theirs! Thursday before Christmas, yeah, right.

7) *Sigh* Stuck here for an hour and a half. Talk to me? *Puppy eyes*
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Oooh. This one looks good, and yet already so much to bitch about.

Let's get started )

Man. Questions, comments?

On the Real Life side, the plumbing's fixed, which I'm sure warms all your hearts for me. Also, I got penalty fare-d this morning on the train. *Sulk* I'm appealing it, obviously, more for the principle than the twenty quid. The woman was so nice about it, she gave me a list of things to say in my letter that'll get me off the hook. *Amused.*

Dinner now.
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You know you love it.

Cut for the inevitable spoilers and swearing )

Coming in another post: Another meme, and something actually to do with my life!
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Watching Torchwood, commenting as I go along, so probably spoilers )

Damn, I love this show. That why I nitpick, really.

EDIT: Also, looking in the mirror, I appear to be a girl with a little curl right in the middle of my forehead. I wonder if this is commentary of some kind?


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