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OH MY GOD, you guys.

My show starts tonight, I have to go to the theatre in just over an hour, I'm still streaming with cold. I'm mostly... twitching as I wait until I can take my hyper-strong (PLEASE GOD) decongestant, and cooking myself soup because what else can one doooo?

Soup in question started out as chicken, then morphed into leek and potato and is now some weird amalgam involving ham and whole red chilli because dammit if I can't taste anything, I'm going for nutritional benefit.

And now, flatleaf parsley.

Um um um.

Inhaling steam! Let's DO THAT.
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Oh, crap.

I am most definitely ill today. Yesterday was just a mild warning. *Sips tea painfully* I think I have to make a sry no speakings sign. Owie.

More to the point, I can't get in to the library like this, and the chances of work getting done at home are remote. Fuck it.

*Grouses, goes to make soup*
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So, I'm sick.


And I've been getting worse, because god knows I can't be healthy over Christmas. /bitter

I need to do stuff. *Flaily*
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Went into Uni today at 10. Went to my lecture, renewed my railcard. All helpful stuff! I feel much better, or thought I did, this morning. I am, however, shattered, and coffee's doing nothing but make me queasy. *sigh* Three days of illness and my stamina vanishes. I think I'll go have a nap.

Later, all!
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It's been a long time since I was so hungry I didn't even have the patience to wait for noodles to cook. *Inhales sandwich*

It's only the second day of trying, and I already hate this no-milk products thing. Hate hate hate.

I'll hold out another day or two. If there's no change then? I'm going right the hell back.

Also, I appear to have agreed to play Jack Harkness in another game. *Facepalm*
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*Chokedies* Damn cough.

Here, have a link. I don't know how many of you watch [ profile] good_rpers_rock, but this was posted there, and I about died of awesome. It is a fanfid to... fandom. And it's lovely. Go watch!

In other news, I finished my essay and handed it in and stuff. Then I was so dead tired that I failed to get anything done except get addicted to Pirate Puzzles before crashing.


Shutup. It's awesome.

So, in conclusion: Alive!
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I have a candy cane.

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Very brief, still ded of flu.

Happy December 25th, all of you. Thank you so much for the messages, Lauren and Nny and also for being wonderful in general - you and absolutely everyone. I'm not talking about Christmas day here, because it's depressing, but that is nothing to do with anyone else. If anything, I think I'm lucky to have so many great people, both family and friends.

Even if I could have done without my Great-Aunt telling me this could go on for weeks.

Cannot really handle chat programmes, or... you know, talk, but please do email if you want for any reason. Going to bed now.

*Hugs* I'll try and be back and involved in stuff again soon.


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