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So, yesterday was impromptu meetup with London millidudes, including Cass and Saph, who I had not met before, and Clare and Debi, who I most certainly had. I was intending to return home that evening - the fact that I didn't and ended up sleeping in a drunken haze on Debi's floor may clue you in to the fact that a good time was had. *eyedart*

There was Coffee, Cake and Kink first, then wanderings that brought us to Garlic & Shots. All I can say is wow. Garlicky! Bloodshots may be an addictive substance. Then there was pub until closing time, walking Saph back to her rooms and scaring her friends, and the tube to Southgate. Then this morning we watched Pirates: DMC, mocked excessively, and trickled off home.

And here I am.
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Whuh, this is all new and fancy.

I'm too old to take change! *Shakes fist*


Anyway, it strikes me I haven't updated - or Milliwaysed, for that matter - in a while, since clearly OOMs don't count, no matter how much I love them. And the reason for this is mostly that I get tired. Not tired enough to go to bed early and wake up at a reasonable time (though today is okay) but too tired to keep my concentration until four in the morning like I know I can. Bleh. All I want for Christmas is some sense to my sleeping habits!

The last few days (and I blame [ profile] metaphor for this entirely) I've had a veering of my interest back to my older fandoms, namely Pern. No, dammit, I cannot rejoin the old email game! I sucked at it, and also hated that format! Fleh. Also, my Redwall books are starting to look tempting. Help, I'm regressing! Mostly I'm babysitting, when not flopping around on the internet or in town (ahahaha Christmas shopping) but although I get money for that, it doesn't not advance me further. I need a to-do list. And then to get off my arse and do stuff.

...Oh, and to tag That Thing, yes, Debi.

And start reviwing BPAL again. (Frumious Bandersnatch is so good.)

Hahahaha. Maybe coffee will help.
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So, today was retail therapy. I try not to do it much, but I legitimately needed some stuff... and after last night I legitimately needed to get out of the house, and away from the fucking dripping.

So, I have chocolate, and I have exciting bath stuff. And new toothpaste and a soap holder, but that's dull.

I had the weirdest dreams last night, in between getting up to check the buckets hadn't overflowed or exploded or anything. I dreamed my Daddy turned up randomly to save me, but in an echo of our email conversation, he still couldn't help me turn off the water. There was a party, too. I hid. *waves hand vaguely* Sometimes you don't want your subconscious echoing reality that accurately, y'know?

Also, I rewatched Calendar Girls last night. OMG Harriet Jones, MP Flydale North! I forgot she was in it! I kind of like that movie. Cried copiously, but you already knew that. It was a recurring theme.

So today is better, given that I'm not on my own anymore.

Only I seem to have skipped lunch and dinner. Let's go fix that.

EDIT: Holy crap, I also dreamed I was smoking. Like, a cigarette. Something I am firmly against - just the smell makes me cough. WTF subconscious?
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I'm going hooome!

As in, home with parents and siblings and town I know, and miss. It's good.

I now have to go home and pack, but. Can't dull the happy.

Also, it is blatant exploitation to put a Body Shop on campus. Yes, it is.

But it smells nice, so I have perfume oil. Figures I'd pick the only one meant for men and women both, but it smells warm and not too sickly sweet and spicy and comforting. I like. I'll go with the androgynous taste in scent if it's this nice.

Okay, see you all tomorrow, when I shall be back home for the holidays!

*Flees, or, stumbles*
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*Cries. With. Laughter.*

*Slightly hysterical laughter, it's true, but anyway.*

Cut for sleepless ramblings, ostensible academia and a combination thereof )

Now I'm going home to come down off the caffeine high and get some sleep. But tell me how you all are!
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Hmm, hello sleepdeprivation.

Just had an audition which I'm really very sure I failed admirably, since I did it on no sleep whatsoever and with an East End accent which I hadn't even been aware was a requirement. Given that my normal accent is more suited to ordering tea and a slice of victoria sponge, I somehow don't think I'll be a convincing troubled teen Londoner. *grins*

Uhm. Continue to have the uncanny ability to get through a seminar having not even looked at the required reading without it in front of me and still manage to find more to say that most. Oh, Shakespeare and Milliways-inspired habit of delving into character historian motivations, you serve me well.

Yeah. Home, food, shower, sleep, that order.

I know the drill.
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Today, (since, y'know, it happened anyway,) I'm going to see if I can go without sleep.

I got up at ten yesterday, which was very nice, and haven't been to bed since. (Is now half one in the afternoon.) I got some damn fun threading done, although my brain went fuzzy after a while, but I think that's okay, and got to my lecture as well. I even took some notes.

I can't read the notes, but they are there. But, who can write legibly in the dark anyway? They were showing slides. I couldn't see if my pen was even in contact with the notebook.

Typing might be a bit odd, sinmce my hands keep wanting to stammer for me. Too many double letters.

But I can get food, and the cafe will sell me coffee. I might even go to a drama meeting and sit silently huddled in the corner again.

I don't have any lectures tomorrow. Wondering if I can stay up for another night now...
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Oooh. Dear. Four hours sleep not enough.

Need more tea.

Also motivation to leave the house.



Jan. 31st, 2005 01:15 am
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1.)<*font color="yourusername"> <*b>yourusername<*/b><*/font>
2.) Eliminate the asterisks.
3.) Replace "yourusername" with your user name.
4.) See what color you are.


EDIT: Hm, I thought I might end up green. *Shrugs, goes to bed before she passes out.*


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