Mar. 2nd, 2012 04:52 pm
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Guuuuys, the internet is deeeeead.


Ssssso, I'm going to be living out of the computer labs for a while. It's just like first year again! Tags are coming, Merc/Fi/Roger!

What have I been up to? Well, Uni's getting stressful, in the sense that I have to cold-contact people about letting me interview them or do projects on them for their website and why can't I live out of books anymore? Plus side, did hear back from Kew Palace about maybe doing a piece on their newly opened Georgian kitchens - nice not to be dismissed out of hand.

In the meantime, I've been crewing King Lear for the Shakespeare Society - that goes up next week, finally, and I can stop putting up posters and pretending I know anything about the play. :S


I'm kind of in love with this Kushiel-verse everyone-is-French-pretty-and-possibly-a-holy-prostitute deal! I don't know what this Jacqueline Carey is on, but I kind of want some. And then there was Allpocalypse, and Jack Harkness got to cameo entirely for plot puposes, and I love it all. Oh, Milliways.

I'll never quit you.

(Livejournal, however - yeah. Moooving away, though I'll check my flist still.)
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Assuming you could get him to switch his allegiance away from Ankh-Morpork (which, good luck with that) Havelock would make a really awesome Warder.

I will not write that fic, I will not write that fic, I will not write that fic...
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...And all I can think is 'Hugh Laurie with an American accent = WRONG.'

Hey, USians? Does that accent sound realistic to you guys? I can't judge, due to overwhelming OMG HUGH WHAT.

In other news, I did my film research today! Woman in a Dressing-Gown, or, why being a slatternly housewife stops your husband loving you and makes him have affairs thus endangering the sanctity of marriage :O!

I love the 1950s.

Also, did some work on OOM-stuff. Yay productivity!
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I really need to get out of this house.

Shower. Walk. I'll take a book and go sit in the comfy pub with squishy chairs. Something.

I'm almost caught up with [ profile] theinternetcafe stuff. You guyyys. *Wails faintly* Man, Jack's going to feel awkward when he sees that.

I'll get on RP stuff tonight. Tagging slowtimes, writing OOMs, indeedy. Torchwood muns, expect back room poking. :D

Two things

Sep. 26th, 2007 11:17 pm
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1. Look ma, a Love Meme!

I'm working my way through. Slowly. My method goes 'follow alphabet, and write stuff if something strikes you.' But these things are always worthy, and this one is so prettily and helpfully coded!


2. Um. I was gonna play tonight. *Sheepish* Sorry. I got distracted by sisterly angst which turned into watching Supernatural onna laptop, and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost being dorks onna TV.

One day it will happen!
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Ooopsie. I burned stew to the bottom of the saucepan. :(

I rescued most of it, though! With is nice, because it's tasty. It has butternut squash, and sweet potato and lentils and things. Also chilli, because I am an incurable addict.

I think perhaps using Brinjal Pickle instead of butter on my bread may have been a little far, but YUM.

Revision... is slow. Remember how I need pressure to ever get anything done ever? Yeah. And since it's a subject I feels fairly comfortable with anyway? Mleh. But I will soldier on, because I'm relying on this one and Sexual Revolution to pull up my other grades in case they go wonky.


In other news: HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA. Oh my. Whoever the mun is, I love them. I promise not to let Harth try and kill them.
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Sainsbury's fair trade extra-strong ground coffee: 1, Amy: 0.

*Twitches and palpitates joyfully*

Oh man. You know what I'm going to do? Take my damn laptop downstairs, and thread my arse off while watching Supernatural and Doctor Who by turns. YES.
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Man, you know you're hungry when you absent-mindedly drink honey straight out of the bottle.

*Classiness personified*

I'll run and eat in a minute, but I haven't updated properly in a while, and I should do that, really. In between answering tags from the nightclub opening party (Jack Harkness and James Bond, guys.)

Mostly this week I have been goig to lectures, not going to lectures, and avoiding AIM. I don't know why. I'm on tonight, anyhow. Tomorrow my sister's coming to stay for the weekend, which will be awesome, although I do go worryingly maternal when I'm in sole charge of one of my siblings. I spent this afternoon trolling around Sainsburys looking for food that I'm pretty sure she'll eat (and that I will. Child likes anchovies, bleh,) getting momentarily fixated by some girl's hair (Pretty! Dark red, curlywispy! Pretty!) and wondering if at some point I should actually start budgeting my student loan.

My Magic and Superstition tutor finally redeemed himself (a little bit) by cancelling the two classes next week, since it's essay-assessed, not exam. Also, he told us a story (as reported/interpreted by a historian) and told us to find a way to retell it using the same basic events to make a different story.

The Great Cat Massacre - story as told by somebody Darnton )

And that, more or less, is where Darnton's account stops. So we, in pairs, were given the change of retelling the story.

The Great Cat Massacre - as retold by students with overactive imaginations. )

...Obviously, you have to imagine that being read in a melodramatic voice.

After all that, we actually found out that bloody Darnton missed out half the story, and the apprentices just got punished, and actually, it was a folk tail about how the printing trade didn't need to be regulated. But I still think my version was more fun.

And now, dinners!
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I'm not dead yet!

I am finally getting around to writing the sample post for my [ profile] theinternetcafe app, and eheeheehee!

I forgot how much fun Jack can be when there's not so much stress of 'must tag now! Bed soon! One more tag, not finished ahhhh!'

Because he's sometimes quite tricky. But writing a hypothetical LJ entry of his? Oh yeah.

And I know I haven't been updating... like, at all, or RPing, or anything, but I think I'm getting more organised. Want a thread? Kick me. Did I promise you fic and never get around to it? (Uh, hi, Ro! I didn't forget, I just... forgot.) Kick me. And the best way to get me to do all this that I seem to have forgotten lately?

Don't let me drink alcohol. Give me coffee instead. Black. With sugar.

*Bounces off walls, giggling*
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When we role play, we tend to pick up a variety of characters. They could be ones that we like, ones that we want to experiment with, or ones that we just end up making from scratch. Eventually, we come to associate with ( some of ) them in one way or another. Out of all the characters ( past or present ) I role play, pick out the one I am most like and tell me why you think so.

Nicked from... er, a couple people.

And my pups:

Shelley Winters [[ profile] shelley_winters]
Havelock Vetinari [[ profile] oneman_onevote]
Harth Fray [[ profile] dreamer_fray]
Captain Jack Harkness [[ profile] othercaptjack] AND (soon): [[ profile] lovethisplanet]
Ducky [[ profile] duck_bill]

Former pups: Tim Jones [[ profile] wwjimmycarterd]
Salzella/Opera Ghost [[ profile] fiendsoncue]

Future pup: Nico Minoru [[ profile] grimsister]
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Dear self,

We have established that you are no good with more than one game. You failed at [ profile] otherways and [ profile] apharsites long before it died. Why, then, are you writing an app for [ profile] theinternetcafe directly after sending one in to [ profile] milliways_bar? Furthermore, eyeing [ profile] in_the_wood in addition to that is just silly.


Even if playing an utterly oblivious human!Harth would be fascinating.

Thank you,

Your brain, now late for college.


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