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Assuming you could get him to switch his allegiance away from Ankh-Morpork (which, good luck with that) Havelock would make a really awesome Warder.

I will not write that fic, I will not write that fic, I will not write that fic...
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Things I liked about today

-No classes.
-The way bus drivers always wave to each other when they pass in the road.
-The warm, womblike embrace of Waterstones on a very cold and windy day.
-At least it wasn't raining.
-Free caramel-vanilla-double-espresso-milky-creamy thing. Mmm, sugar-caffiene rush.
-Walking on the beach in the dark by an excitingly raging sea.
-The Pier at night.
-Finding an open, heated pub on said pier that was quite happy to let me sit there and read with a pint.

Things I didn't like about today

-Waking up really too late, but still tired and sluggish.
-Wave of depression akin to PMS.*
-Cold, cold wind.
-Those bloody automatic kid's rides on the Pier that automatically play the creepy, desperate laughter of trapped and ensorcelled children as you walk past in the dark with the February wind howling around you and the waves crashing beneath.
-Shotgun-like bangs emanating from nowhere as you stand right at the end of said pier, in the dark, all alone.
-You see why I was glad to find a pub open?

* Which actually I will be okay with, if it is. That Time of the Month actually hasn't been since November, which, while I'm happy not to have gone through the pain, discomfort and misery each month, is the ultimate mindfuck for a female. OMG, you think, what's wrong with me?! Then you get drunk.

First person to ask if I'm pregnant gets shot.
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(X-posted to [ profile] puca_project - if you have no clue what I'm going on about, go there!)

Well, there had been numerous hitches to this one - mostly that only two of us could make it, and secondly that it had to be postponed a week due to my illness! But yesterday, on the 4th November, Kate ([ profile] avariel_wings) and I journeyed to Covent Garden.

Photos are to come when Kate's computer does not hate her.

Cut for rambling on the High Seas. Arrr! )

So, very definitely a success - hopefully to be repeated with a bigger group in Cardiff in December, all in piratical gear, where we also plan to re-enact scenes from Pirates of the Carribbean. Roll on the good times!
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Holycrap rain. o_0

Lots of it. Wow, this August is strange.

Aaaaanyway, tomorrow I'm off on holiday for two weeks with the family (abandoning the baby kitten) to Devon and then Cornwall. There will likely be long walks, one hell of a lot of books and many many pubs. Mmm, pubs. Yesterday, in aid of the holiday effort, I bought a dress (twirly! And patterned! And it fits!) for £18 reduced from £60. Mmm-hmm. And a jumper, because I always get cold for £5 reduced from £42. Ahehehehe. Also got some soap (and a free bath ballistic *win*) and books from the charity shop to read. Mmmm.

I'm a little down over no intarweb for two weeks, but hopefully it'll be fun enough that the time goes quickly. If any of you with my number want to call or text me, please do!

Later, everyone!
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Good luck and crossed fingers to everone getting results today!

[ profile] kenovay, I'm looking at yoooou.

Now, to town! I am actually in a girly mood today, which means a twirly skirt and Sparrowesque makeup! Yes! *twirls off*
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Happy birthday [ profile] whspr2ascrm13!

In other news, it's cold. Also really rainy, so I have no desire to go into town. Bah. Maybe I shall write evil OOMs some more. Or icon. Icons are fun.

Or I could read yet more WoT.

Decision, decisions.

*slurps coffee*
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I finished my story!

Um. It's really embarrassingly short, but as the limit was 1,500 words, I don't care. It's all posted and stuff, too, though I have no clue if it'll get there before the deadline. Go postal service, go!

Sadly, I am also in a very bad mood brought on by That Time of the Month. I've been bitchy and snappy for days, but now the end is in sight. Along with several days pain and discomfort. Yay me? I was meant to go give blood today but I think I am in no fit state to do so, which makes me feel useless. And babysitting tonight. Mustn't forget.

On the awesome side: KITTEN.

Tiny and fluffy and black and gorgeous and called Mog. My sister is over the moon.

So cuuuuute.
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...Don't you think Bush looks tired?

Pass it on. You know you want to.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] jean_prouvaire!

May the pretty gay boys always have conversations in your head.
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Know what's nice?

Getting up at midday and sitting at the computer with a cup of tea in your pyjamas.

*Yawns cozily*

Home, I have missed you. *Glomps*

EDIT: That's 'with a cup of tea, in my pyjamas.' Not 'With a cup of tea in my pyjamas.'

Because that would be silly.
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Love meme.

What, I hardly ever do these things.
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I'm going hooome!

As in, home with parents and siblings and town I know, and miss. It's good.

I now have to go home and pack, but. Can't dull the happy.

Also, it is blatant exploitation to put a Body Shop on campus. Yes, it is.

But it smells nice, so I have perfume oil. Figures I'd pick the only one meant for men and women both, but it smells warm and not too sickly sweet and spicy and comforting. I like. I'll go with the androgynous taste in scent if it's this nice.

Okay, see you all tomorrow, when I shall be back home for the holidays!

*Flees, or, stumbles*
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Just now a six-foot rugby player wanders through computer suite and stops out of curiosity to listen to someone's current music.

"I fucking love Celine Dion!"

The smile on his face warmed hearts and befuddled minds.


In the meantime, I am so incredibly unmotivated for this essay, it is amazing. *sighs*
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OMG portfolio done and signed in, thank god.

Now, for the essay due in next week. *Eyes it thoughtfully*

In other news, self-analysis is not fun. Aren't brains supposed to become less productive after not enough sleep?
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Tis the season, yo.

By which I mean, cards! If I am to send cards I need addresses! (I'm organised, really. I mean it!)

Even if Christmas isn't your holiday of choice, I'm sure I can send a... something else card. Yes.

So. Comments screened. Tell me your address, link me to wishlists, whatever. Here. If you want mine, ask and I shall send it unless I'm on a paranoia kick at the time. (If happens.)
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At times I ponder my sanity.

Does this guy from the Firefly extended gagreel make it look like George W. Bush crashed the set to anyone else?

screencap )
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Dear god. Did I just sleep for eighteen hours?


I'm really hungry. Evidently sleep takes it out of you.

I had a dream where the granny was the murderer. But we foiled it my strategically moving the noose so she couldn't reach it, because she was so small. And, like. We couldn't turn her in, because granny, but we weren't going to shelter her because the bitch was a murderer! So we sent her to get the train. While we painted the entire room blue.

And no, dammit, she couldn't have a different bag to pick green beans in.

...I know. I have mental problems.

On a different note, I adore my Tuesday lecture. The lecturer is soft-spoken and Irish and confused and hilariously funny, and he talks about medieval theology and medicine and magic and gender identity and witch-hunts and other things that make me squee from my seat at the back.

Extract from notes: 'Controlling demons with chemistry = serious science. Apparently attempted with straight faces for over a century.'
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Today I had chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. Mmmhmm.

Does anyone know what the actual difference between a SunRay and a PC is? The computer room has these huge damn signs everywhere going 'OMG don't use this if you haven't tried before!! It's not a PC! Only skilled users plzkthnx!!'

But I ignored them, because all the others were taken, and it is exactly the same as the PCs, only the screen is slightly bigger.

I wonder if 'skilled user' means 'someone who can deal with the desktop having a slightly different layout.'
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Spending my day procrastinating.

From what?

Oh, everything. Everyone has those days.

Someday I will be organised enough to bring food from home to eat at college, since I generally manage breakfast before coming out, then live on coffee until I get back at past midnight. Though I managed a drinking yoghurt thing today that was surprisingly filling for something mostly air. The concept of a straw with a joint that lets in air through it confuses me. Though maybe they think it will satisfy more cravings, and thus they have to put in less actual yoghurt.

It could be a new diet programme and make its creator rich. Not that I'm organised enough to do anything with it.

Drama Society featured voting for people I know nothing about to fill positions I know nothing about. I'm sure I contributed great insight.

Only other thing I achieved was signing up for a teacher training/experience placement at a local school. If I get it, I will be paid. This idea is a nice one. On the other hand, I may be not the kind of person they want in contact with impressionable young minds.

*Lunch break*

STUDENT: What are you doing?
AMY: Well, see, this is an online RPG, short for Role Playing Game. This is my character, and that is someone else's, you see, and they have conversations.
STUDENT: Why are they two boys kissing?
Amy: ... *Minimises*
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Just gone on a major friending spree of Milliwaysers.

So if you're wondering why - It's because I know you vaguely or not-so-vaguely from said crackbar or chat, like you, and want to follow your journal. *grins*

Being GMT is damn annoying, so all too often I miss people from unavoidable sleeping necessities, and this is my way of keeping up with you all.

That's all, really.


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