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I can sing! I can talk without sounding like a forty-a-dayer!

Being me, I noticed this only after absently running through the first half of Ceremony of Carols over the top of Red Dwarf at half past midnight. Ooops. Sorry, family.

EDIT: WTF, tags? I wrote 'rl', for fuck's sake. That's not hard to remember.

Also: This post means I got over that traditional yuletide sickness. I'm still ill, don't get me wrong. But my fever broke on Christmas night, and I was so relieved that I enjoyed the day in spite of still being quite badly fluish, and now I just have a slightly runny nose and and irritating cough to contend with. Just in time to go back to work tomorrow night. Yay?
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that bar chart thing )

Been tired, mostly, these past few days. Today I was babysitting from 9:45am, which was interesting. I took the kids (2 and 9 months) to the park, where there was very wet splashing in the paddling pool, running around at the swings, and very sticky ice lollying. Makes me envy the previous day where I did emergency shoe shopping with a seven year old, and had to convince the one year old's nursery that I really was the next door neighbour, not some random freak trying to steal him.

Also, I officially declare a do-over on this week. It's not good.
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I finished my story!

Um. It's really embarrassingly short, but as the limit was 1,500 words, I don't care. It's all posted and stuff, too, though I have no clue if it'll get there before the deadline. Go postal service, go!

Sadly, I am also in a very bad mood brought on by That Time of the Month. I've been bitchy and snappy for days, but now the end is in sight. Along with several days pain and discomfort. Yay me? I was meant to go give blood today but I think I am in no fit state to do so, which makes me feel useless. And babysitting tonight. Mustn't forget.

On the awesome side: KITTEN.

Tiny and fluffy and black and gorgeous and called Mog. My sister is over the moon.

So cuuuuute.
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I'm hungry.

*Bares teeth at world*


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