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So, yesterday was impromptu meetup with London millidudes, including Cass and Saph, who I had not met before, and Clare and Debi, who I most certainly had. I was intending to return home that evening - the fact that I didn't and ended up sleeping in a drunken haze on Debi's floor may clue you in to the fact that a good time was had. *eyedart*

There was Coffee, Cake and Kink first, then wanderings that brought us to Garlic & Shots. All I can say is wow. Garlicky! Bloodshots may be an addictive substance. Then there was pub until closing time, walking Saph back to her rooms and scaring her friends, and the tube to Southgate. Then this morning we watched Pirates: DMC, mocked excessively, and trickled off home.

And here I am.
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All right, fuck this, y'all.

I don't even know when I started saying y'all, or why. I'm British, we don't do that.

But I'm also fed up of flickering internets. I miss AIM. I miss crackchat, I miss threading, and I miss... just being able to ping people if I want. I know I rarely do, because I am phobic of initiating conversation in case people find me irritating or unlikeable and I find I have nothing to say after starting, but! I miss it. I'm almost ready to take the laptop into uni and pull an all-nighter using their wireless just for the company.


Oh, well. We are (eventually) getting a new router, or whatever it's called, but GAH.

*sigh* Debi, I want you to know that your Hogswatch present is seriously saving my sanity here. I swear, I'd get more actual work done if I had a steady connection. It makes no sense, but at least I wouldn't be so distracted.

To-do: Rewatch Torchwood for Milli-threading.
Write up Jack thoughts.
Ditto Harth, plus... stuff.
Refrain from stabbing Magic and Superstition tutor.
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Tiiinyshort update since I should be in bed, and am stopping mostly just to dry my hair. (Cigarette smoke on hair and clothes = coughing, and bleh.)

Today I met [ profile] villainny! Finally! And she and I and [ profile] apiphile had a lovely day in London, visiting The Covent Garden Tea House, almost a Rodin exhibition, Coffee, Cake and Kink, (o_0) a burger place where we were served dark chocolate, rum, and oreo milkshakes, and a cocktail bar that was most tasty but expensive and playing such annoyingly loud music that we relocated to a pub.


Tomorrow, ballet!

I understand lunch is first, but failing that, meeting there at two.

Now bed!

*Hugs everyone*
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OI. Marthe and Clare and wtf I don't want rich text this looks like several arses! Er. Yes. You two are the ones that I can think of right now, but anyone else as well - address here if you seriously actually want a Christmas card. Comments are screened, but gimme!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] varadia!!

*Attaches to ankle*

Have an awesome day, yes? It is the thing with birthdays.

*Looks at Raven promptingly*

...Damn it.
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(X-posted to [ profile] puca_project - if you have no clue what I'm going on about, go there!)

Well, there had been numerous hitches to this one - mostly that only two of us could make it, and secondly that it had to be postponed a week due to my illness! But yesterday, on the 4th November, Kate ([ profile] avariel_wings) and I journeyed to Covent Garden.

Photos are to come when Kate's computer does not hate her.

Cut for rambling on the High Seas. Arrr! )

So, very definitely a success - hopefully to be repeated with a bigger group in Cardiff in December, all in piratical gear, where we also plan to re-enact scenes from Pirates of the Carribbean. Roll on the good times!


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