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And I almost resisted this one. *Sigh*

The Love Compliment Meme


Let's see - have been in Cardiff this weekend, chez Bethan, who put up with us all with cheerful good grace, and spent our time drinking, cooking stupendous amounts of nutritionally dubious food (all hail frozen pizza!) watching geeky things, playing games and prancing about just outside Torchwood HQ.

Yes. Really.

I have pictures to prove it.

Fear, Britmuns. :D
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Assuming you could get him to switch his allegiance away from Ankh-Morpork (which, good luck with that) Havelock would make a really awesome Warder.

I will not write that fic, I will not write that fic, I will not write that fic...
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Is there any way I actually want to watch Something Borrowed? I'm... scared to. It's really sad that even the possibility of a pairing can make me that worried. Although I guess it's also one I love breaking up (Not a spoiler! These are just my fears.) It'll have to wait until later, anyhow - going into Special Collections (where the history lives) and reading Women's Own issues from the 50s. Yes. They are hilarious. If you're good, I'll bring back funny quotes.

Additionally! Finally saw V for Vendetta, with was a nice combination of awesome, heartbreaking and hilariously silly. When I finally renew Havelock's account, I really have to get some screencaps for great knife action. Not the, er. Blurry ones, though. His don't do that.

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...And all I can think is 'Hugh Laurie with an American accent = WRONG.'

Hey, USians? Does that accent sound realistic to you guys? I can't judge, due to overwhelming OMG HUGH WHAT.

In other news, I did my film research today! Woman in a Dressing-Gown, or, why being a slatternly housewife stops your husband loving you and makes him have affairs thus endangering the sanctity of marriage :O!

I love the 1950s.

Also, did some work on OOM-stuff. Yay productivity!
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I really need to get out of this house.

Shower. Walk. I'll take a book and go sit in the comfy pub with squishy chairs. Something.

I'm almost caught up with [ profile] theinternetcafe stuff. You guyyys. *Wails faintly* Man, Jack's going to feel awkward when he sees that.

I'll get on RP stuff tonight. Tagging slowtimes, writing OOMs, indeedy. Torchwood muns, expect back room poking. :D
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Well, this has been nice! Yesterday I went and saw Millibrits and assorted related persons, which was awesome, even if [ profile] avariel_wings does still insist on tickling me when photos are being taken. :(! There was drink and cackling and injokes and minor plotting. *Smile!*

Today I have not done much, although due to a meme in the Milliways back room, I did get briefly inspired into creating great fanart of Shelley, Harth and Jack. >_> Oh yes. I have The Talent.

Aaaand now I'm bored again. Alas!

Maybe I should try doing Havelock, Nico and Ducky...
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Oh my god, Life on Mars is amazing. Must... watch... more...

OT, I am not allowed to app yet another morally reprehensible blue-eyed, black-haired, sexually promiscuous and indiscriminate male. Specifically one called 'Lucifer Box.' I mean, come on.
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Ooopsie. I burned stew to the bottom of the saucepan. :(

I rescued most of it, though! With is nice, because it's tasty. It has butternut squash, and sweet potato and lentils and things. Also chilli, because I am an incurable addict.

I think perhaps using Brinjal Pickle instead of butter on my bread may have been a little far, but YUM.

Revision... is slow. Remember how I need pressure to ever get anything done ever? Yeah. And since it's a subject I feels fairly comfortable with anyway? Mleh. But I will soldier on, because I'm relying on this one and Sexual Revolution to pull up my other grades in case they go wonky.


In other news: HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA. Oh my. Whoever the mun is, I love them. I promise not to let Harth try and kill them.
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Eee hee hee heee heee...

I shut Milli!Jack out of the bar back onto the Gamestation.

I'm an evil, evil woman when I'm stressed.

(There is cannibalism in my coursework. With pictures. Plz help.)
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Sainsbury's fair trade extra-strong ground coffee: 1, Amy: 0.

*Twitches and palpitates joyfully*

Oh man. You know what I'm going to do? Take my damn laptop downstairs, and thread my arse off while watching Supernatural and Doctor Who by turns. YES.
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You know what I want? An icon of Simon Tam looking nervously confrontational, with the caption 'Hey, you. Get your damn hands off her.'

*Goes merrily caption-hunting*


In other news, headache. :( *Drinks a lot of water*

Also, been looking at flights for millicon (!!!) and looks like my best option for the round trip is £550.20, with one stop each way. Sound reasonable, people who know about this kind of thing? I have to wait for Kate to get back to me, but I'm aiming for that. ANYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO GO AT THE SAME TIME. (Nny? I know you said you probably couldn't, but ?) Tell me. Like, nowish, and I will send the flight times, so we can get on the same one. Seats side-by-side will be too much to ask, but maybe we can switch around once we're on? Who knows.
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I'm not dead yet!

I am finally getting around to writing the sample post for my [ profile] theinternetcafe app, and eheeheehee!

I forgot how much fun Jack can be when there's not so much stress of 'must tag now! Bed soon! One more tag, not finished ahhhh!'

Because he's sometimes quite tricky. But writing a hypothetical LJ entry of his? Oh yeah.

And I know I haven't been updating... like, at all, or RPing, or anything, but I think I'm getting more organised. Want a thread? Kick me. Did I promise you fic and never get around to it? (Uh, hi, Ro! I didn't forget, I just... forgot.) Kick me. And the best way to get me to do all this that I seem to have forgotten lately?

Don't let me drink alcohol. Give me coffee instead. Black. With sugar.

*Bounces off walls, giggling*
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When we role play, we tend to pick up a variety of characters. They could be ones that we like, ones that we want to experiment with, or ones that we just end up making from scratch. Eventually, we come to associate with ( some of ) them in one way or another. Out of all the characters ( past or present ) I role play, pick out the one I am most like and tell me why you think so.

Nicked from... er, a couple people.

And my pups:

Shelley Winters [[ profile] shelley_winters]
Havelock Vetinari [[ profile] oneman_onevote]
Harth Fray [[ profile] dreamer_fray]
Captain Jack Harkness [[ profile] othercaptjack] AND (soon): [[ profile] lovethisplanet]
Ducky [[ profile] duck_bill]

Former pups: Tim Jones [[ profile] wwjimmycarterd]
Salzella/Opera Ghost [[ profile] fiendsoncue]

Future pup: Nico Minoru [[ profile] grimsister]
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Dear self,

We have established that you are no good with more than one game. You failed at [ profile] otherways and [ profile] apharsites long before it died. Why, then, are you writing an app for [ profile] theinternetcafe directly after sending one in to [ profile] milliways_bar? Furthermore, eyeing [ profile] in_the_wood in addition to that is just silly.


Even if playing an utterly oblivious human!Harth would be fascinating.

Thank you,

Your brain, now late for college.
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You know how I was thinking of apping another Milliways pup?

Or maybe you didn't. I was, anyway.


[ profile] grimsister

Oh, dear.
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Plz help, I appear to be addicted to Runaways.

*Pulls out possible apps list, and sighs*
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So, yesterday was impromptu meetup with London millidudes, including Cass and Saph, who I had not met before, and Clare and Debi, who I most certainly had. I was intending to return home that evening - the fact that I didn't and ended up sleeping in a drunken haze on Debi's floor may clue you in to the fact that a good time was had. *eyedart*

There was Coffee, Cake and Kink first, then wanderings that brought us to Garlic & Shots. All I can say is wow. Garlicky! Bloodshots may be an addictive substance. Then there was pub until closing time, walking Saph back to her rooms and scaring her friends, and the tube to Southgate. Then this morning we watched Pirates: DMC, mocked excessively, and trickled off home.

And here I am.
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I keep forgetting to post this meme!

But now!

Comment here and I'll tell you which of your icons is my favourite. Then (you know, if you want) repost this in your journal with your own favourite.



In other news, character bleed is unhealthy, and it is silly to dwell on IC events that have no actual effect on you.


...I be over here with the cookies.


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