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I am going to London!

Today and tomorrow, although I'll be back tonight in between, in order to be gleeful at Nny with a collection of people. Um. I can't see why anyone would need me desperately, but emergency messages can be left here or on my phone if you know the number.

*Skips off*
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Well, this has been nice! Yesterday I went and saw Millibrits and assorted related persons, which was awesome, even if [ profile] avariel_wings does still insist on tickling me when photos are being taken. :(! There was drink and cackling and injokes and minor plotting. *Smile!*

Today I have not done much, although due to a meme in the Milliways back room, I did get briefly inspired into creating great fanart of Shelley, Harth and Jack. >_> Oh yes. I have The Talent.

Aaaand now I'm bored again. Alas!

Maybe I should try doing Havelock, Nico and Ducky...
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I am home and alive.

My body, however, thinks I am still flying about several miles above the ground. Et tu, travel medication?

Mmmm shower.

Millicon and Millipeoples: Awesome.

Lack of HP7: Not awesome, as am too dizzy to go back out and buy it.

Dance, internets, dance! (But non-spoilerily, plz!)
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Hee. Good meme from [ profile] crazedcrusader.

Who's your inner European? )

I... am very hungover, but recovering now. (I kept food down! Go me!) Met up with [ profile] apiphile, [ profile] geeky_monkey and [ profile] chrome_cherry in Brighton for drinks. And then more drinks. And then I failed to go home. *Embarrassed*

But still, it was a fun time, and everyone took my laughable tolerance in strid this morning/afternoon. Ohhhh man. I needed that bath. Rehydration proceeds apace. Mmm, smoothie.


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