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So, I dreamed that I was watching this season's Heroes finale. It was so cracked out that I'm not sutting it, because no way are any of these spoilers. It was several months in the future, and the Company had taken over most of the globe. It was secretly being run by a gameshow host who brought talented children onto his show to showcase their abilities for the world! In breaks, there were demontrations by Sylar, who for some reason had put on weight and found his true calling as a stunt truck driver - bouncing and leaping over piles of stuff. It was awesome! Back stage there was a lil' crippled lad who couldn't get to the stage on time to show the world his power! Woes! But then things took a sinister turn when it transpired that using a combination of evil jelly beans and certain people with specific powers placed at certain points around the world... Something Bad Would Happen.

Luckily, they'd forgotten to tell the show host's assistant that she was one of them and would be based on the Statue of Liberty, and she was furious when she found out because what about the childrens? So she demonstrated her power of Evil Bean Destruction, and flew away!

Elsewhere, Mohinder flailed around uselessly.

I don't know why I'm surprised after going out with [ profile] corchen and [ profile] hazeljnutt, I really don't.
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Aaaand moving right on to episode two!

Dee dee dee... )
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I just got around to watching Heroes.

Here be stream-of-consciousness.

Spoilers, yessir. )


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