Jan. 22nd, 2010 10:59 pm
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Ask Me Anything meme! (from [ profile] bookelfe)

I do not actually remember the wording because it's been a while since this one last went around LJ, but basically, if there is anything you are curious to know about me because you are new around here/are old around here but feel like you should already have known it/have never gotten around to asking despite the fact that you know multitudinous other details of my life like what I eat for breakfast every morning, today is a day to ask it. (It does not have to be RL stuff necessarily! Fannish questions are fun too.)

I will not be offended by anything you ask but I fully retain the right to not answer questions, because sometimes I do like being a woman of mystery. Alternately, I may screen answers if for whatever reason I do not feel comfortable sharing them with the-internet-at-large.

ALSO: Will not so much be around tomorrow, because I'm doing two performances then attending cast party in the evening, and I will be dead when I get home.


Sep. 2nd, 2008 10:56 pm
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You guys.

You guys, I just got back from a committee meeting for my theatre group, and heard the casting for our next panto. I get to be the Principal Boy. *Dances around the room, slapping thigh in fiendish joy*

...Again, for Americans and other deprived people: Pantomime.

Only slightly brought down by the fact that the Principal Girl? My sister. 'Cause that's not weird at all.

(The drag, you guys!)


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