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...Sorry, people who liked it.

I have to go watch some House now to wash the bad taste out of my mouth.

Seriously, they should have gone the Adam route from Torchwood if they rilly rilly had to play with that idea.
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*Stares blearily at essay*

This is like pulling teeth.

So nearly done. But not good enough. Kill.

Also, my backside hurts. This is what I get for going to fairs when I should have been working. Totally worth it.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,736 / 3,000

I will conquer.
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Oh, crap.

I am most definitely ill today. Yesterday was just a mild warning. *Sips tea painfully* I think I have to make a sry no speakings sign. Owie.

More to the point, I can't get in to the library like this, and the chances of work getting done at home are remote. Fuck it.

*Grouses, goes to make soup*
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Sssssooooo, went to see Vantage Point. It was originally meant to be The Other Boleyn Girl, but one of our memebers was late, and the other couldn't make it, so we switched. Bearing in mind I went in with two margaritas down me... Load of old bollocks.


And it started out so promisingly! The premise was good - multiple viewpoints slowly unfolding the mystery behind a presidential assassination. Exciting! Right? Wrong. Why? If you can call it, it probably happens, that's why. Spoilers here. )

I just. Why? It could have been so good. POV exploration of motive! Opportunity! Twists and turns! Lack of blatant bigotry! But noooo. Can't have that. Screw you, Hollywood.
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I need a to-do list!

1) Do the reading for Monday, so I don't have to panic over the weekend.
2) Figure out an essay title and rough plan for the short essay the week after that.
3) Try and find a light bulb for your damn bedroom.
4) Vacuum carpets. I have Lush dust on my bedroom floor.
5) Find something to eat that uses up fresh coriander.
6) Meet Clare and Gemma.
7) Finish burning some discs and delete some stuff from the hard drive.

Um, also, my phone has gone from 'working shakily,' to 'barely working at all.' Email is the way to go for a few days.

Oh... and why not?

My Valentinr - rowanberries
Get your own valentinr

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My yellow Thai noodle soup is not as delicious as it should have been.

This saddens me.

Let's see. Yellow pepper, sweetcorn, mushroom, noodles, fresh ginger, yellow Thai curry paste, cream coconut, hot water, soy sauce, chilli. Where is the wrong there?

I didn't know something could taste spicy and bland at the same time.

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Sorry, I wasn't meant to be, I wrnt to drink for goodby wih rl; Friends, then carrieed on, becuade I'm goring nack to unibersity on Sundnay and I don't want to.

Well, I don't mind, but it'd bdepressing.

he I watches black Books, and there's no more time to rp;. I mean, there is, but I'd suck.



Fuck. Not good.

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that bar chart thing )

Been tired, mostly, these past few days. Today I was babysitting from 9:45am, which was interesting. I took the kids (2 and 9 months) to the park, where there was very wet splashing in the paddling pool, running around at the swings, and very sticky ice lollying. Makes me envy the previous day where I did emergency shoe shopping with a seven year old, and had to convince the one year old's nursery that I really was the next door neighbour, not some random freak trying to steal him.

Also, I officially declare a do-over on this week. It's not good.
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I finished my story!

Um. It's really embarrassingly short, but as the limit was 1,500 words, I don't care. It's all posted and stuff, too, though I have no clue if it'll get there before the deadline. Go postal service, go!

Sadly, I am also in a very bad mood brought on by That Time of the Month. I've been bitchy and snappy for days, but now the end is in sight. Along with several days pain and discomfort. Yay me? I was meant to go give blood today but I think I am in no fit state to do so, which makes me feel useless. And babysitting tonight. Mustn't forget.

On the awesome side: KITTEN.

Tiny and fluffy and black and gorgeous and called Mog. My sister is over the moon.

So cuuuuute.
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Dear childhood friend,

I adore, appreciate, and never fail to be amused by you.

Yes, even when I never have anything to tell you after not seeing you for a couple of months because you get it all from your mum who heard everything from my mum and then some.

That said, you are a year younger than me. Even so, asking me in an encouraging tone if I have a boyfriend yet makes you sound like my grandmother. And even she doesn't ask me that!

For the last time, no, I do not need a Lovah. Especially when pronounced like that, you huge Drama Queen. Good grief, you make yours sound like some kind of accessory.

So. I appreciate the concern, but I really will live.

Much love, but a little eyerolling,

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Grr. Argh.

Or something.

You know, it's really scary that the test which makes up 50% of my elective course was apparently not scheduled right. Or, nonexistent. Or, I and a bunch of others went to the wrong place and am even now blithely missing it.

*Le sigh*

I got up early for nothing. Surprisingly, I don't mind this so much. At least I'm up.

I should revise. But I really, really don't care that much.
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Today is a day for Working.

1000 words is not a big deal.

...When I have no idea what I'm going on about, slightly more of a deal. It's okay. I'm organised.

...Anyone know anything about Victorian inventions in art and architecture?

ETA: It's okay, I have three inventions. Task one going well. *eyes task two worriedly, types*
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So, I got randomly propositioned via text message.

Really confused.

Vaguely traumatised.

Plan to smite when next see the perpetrator.

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Cut for panicky whining )
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A rant about the stupidity of 'Vegan Pets'.

Read more... )

Disclaimery thing: I have nothing against vegetarians or vegans. Just those that condemn meat-eaters, or take it too far, right into what amounts to animal abuse. This is all also just my opinion. Thank you.

On a completely unrelated subject, [ profile] fmith!!!!!11! April the sex robot from the Buffyverse just showed up in Milliways! If you don't know who she is, check out 'I was made to love you.' *Cackles with glee*


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