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So yes, Love Never Dies: Unfortunately, Since We All Wish It Would Already.

Let's do that.

I have seven pages in my notebook, all written in the dark, and I will try to expand on each note to give you a flavour of just what [ profile] bookelfe and I sat through. (Her review, for she is swifter and more industrious than I am, is here!)

IN FAIRNESS: On a certain level, I did actually have a good time at the show. The cast were excellent; even Christine's actress, who valiantly strove against some horribly written music. (Dear composers: Just because a singer can reach certain notes, does not mean she should constantly be doing it. Especially when the lyrics are kind of important and now really hard to understand.)

Also, if you name your musical after one singular song contained within, for the love of god, could it not be... boring? Seriously. MORE ON THAT LATER.

Review cut for length, incoherency and far too much punctuation! )

In conclusion:

Becca: Gustave has two Daddies and A ROBOT MOMMY. - So he has.

Come on, fess up. Who linked Andrew Lloyd Webber to the Pit of Voles?

EDIT: I cannot believe I just wrote 4,000 words about an Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical.
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And I almost resisted this one. *Sigh*

The Love Compliment Meme


Let's see - have been in Cardiff this weekend, chez Bethan, who put up with us all with cheerful good grace, and spent our time drinking, cooking stupendous amounts of nutritionally dubious food (all hail frozen pizza!) watching geeky things, playing games and prancing about just outside Torchwood HQ.

Yes. Really.

I have pictures to prove it.

Fear, Britmuns. :D
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Oh. My God. You guys.

Did I just see a seven-foot-tall, ALLCAPS-speaking, singing, dancing skeleton live on stage?


Self and [ profile] innerbrat's squeals of joy were predictably loud, but nobody minded. A fellow geek who had been forced to come alone even came over and bonded during the interval!

I just... Look!. There's mp3s up there, although I shall be forever sorrowful that there isn't one of the Rite of Ashkente ("Pull your weight! Don't think I can't see you at the back, Rincewind!") It was done with such love and enthusiam, and the actress playing Ysabell was awesome and hilarious, and one assassin was totally Jocasta Wiggs and the narrator was Ron Weasley for some reason and DEATH DANCED THE CONGA.


Also, Steph! Debi says she has a DE topic for you, but I can't remember what it was, because this is all very exciting.

In conclusion: )
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Meme! I have one.

That personal stuff meme )

Additional! Tomorrow, I'm taking the Scott Jr. to London. If we have a free moment, I'll text peeople, but if you're at a loose end, grab us! We shall be around, and flexible.

P.S. Internet extremely crazy these past few days. May vanish without warning. D:
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Glitter Text -

New Nintendo DS Lite


Have a lovely day. &hearts
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Fair was so much fun. :D

There were slides and dodgems and a roundy go-fast thing. Also, I sliced my thigh open on the seam of a bouncy slide. That takes talent.

Er... Clare and I made a Milliways scrabble board. There is a picture! Right now, however, I really have to sleep.

And tomorrow, I have to write like a crazy person.

(Note to self: Finish section on madness, then move onto the Reformation. And remember to take back library books! P.S. Title form.)
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Okay, so.

Plan for today: Finish coffee while catching up on comics.
Go to Uni: Take back the sodding books I forgot about yesterday.
Write as much as possible on Science and History Essay
Come home. Take notes for aforementioned. Write more while making dinner.

If I get over 2/3 done by about 3pm tomorrow, I am allowed to go go the fair with Clare and Gemma.


Nice weather makes me rationalise.
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I need a to-do list!

1) Do the reading for Monday, so I don't have to panic over the weekend.
2) Figure out an essay title and rough plan for the short essay the week after that.
3) Try and find a light bulb for your damn bedroom.
4) Vacuum carpets. I have Lush dust on my bedroom floor.
5) Find something to eat that uses up fresh coriander.
6) Meet Clare and Gemma.
7) Finish burning some discs and delete some stuff from the hard drive.

Um, also, my phone has gone from 'working shakily,' to 'barely working at all.' Email is the way to go for a few days.

Oh... and why not?

My Valentinr - rowanberries
Get your own valentinr



Feb. 13th, 2008 12:22 am
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...How does one tell if a toe is just painful when touched/walked on, swollen, bruised and generally weird-feeling; or if it's, you know, actually broken?

'Cause while I'm scared of doctors, don't believe in going to one for something minor, and am inclined to believe that practically any symptom I exhibit is either a hangover or a cold, I also don't want to be wrong and have it get infected/drop off.

If I had a camera, you would get gross pictures. :D The colours are awesome.

Mind you, I'm going home on Thurday. If it still hurts, I can get parental opinions. Meh.

Failing, you know, that, I had an awesome Monday. :D I went on an impromptu trip to London to see [ profile] innerbrat, and there was beer and curry and sleeping under cloaks, then crumpets, Avatar and David Attenborough. Awesome.

EDIT: Oh, and to reiterate my love for my Science and History tutor: How awesome is it to come in for an essay meeting and find him busily typing away on his new introduction for something on the Origin of Species? He's kind of three thousand words over the limit already. *Amused*
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Annnd before I run out to Uni for great meetings and 'I know what I'm doing, really!' with m,y tutor:

Myspace Glitter Text -

See you on Saturday!

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So, yesterday was impromptu meetup with London millidudes, including Cass and Saph, who I had not met before, and Clare and Debi, who I most certainly had. I was intending to return home that evening - the fact that I didn't and ended up sleeping in a drunken haze on Debi's floor may clue you in to the fact that a good time was had. *eyedart*

There was Coffee, Cake and Kink first, then wanderings that brought us to Garlic & Shots. All I can say is wow. Garlicky! Bloodshots may be an addictive substance. Then there was pub until closing time, walking Saph back to her rooms and scaring her friends, and the tube to Southgate. Then this morning we watched Pirates: DMC, mocked excessively, and trickled off home.

And here I am.
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It's bloody freezing, and I have to go to town to meet my friend Anna who's visting. But I don't care.


*Does five-year-old dance of glee*

EDIT: Asdfksg. *Pulls on thermal vest and woolly tights* I r ttly hott.
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1) Well, back at Uni.

2) The brand new wireless thinger we were upgraded to at the end of last term has turned out to be far worse than the one we had before - housemate Debbie was on the phone for about an hour last night trying to fix it, but nothing. They're sending us a new one, while in the meantime it cuts out every five-ten minutes. AIM, for this reason, is a bit out of the question. I'm actually fairly zen about it, since I have a lot of work to do these next couple of days, and enforced lack of AIM might help me get down to it... but boy will I be angry if it's still like this by Friday.

3) Courses... well, actually, the two I've had so far have been on the dull side. Worryingly enough, one was Magic and Superstition, but I'll hold out, since he was just wittering on about how this was 'cultural history' we were doing, and going over the course outline, rather than just getting down to teaching. English Society... well, I had her last year. You know those people that put pauses

really randomly in the middle of sentences for no apparent reason? Yes. That's her. It makes her supremely difficult to listen to without drifting off, especially since she is the living, female equivalent of Professor Binns. (I have nothing against dates and rebellions, I just think there's a little more to the subject, you know?) Mind you, it did give me the giggles when she said "...The Glorious Revolution, which I started

Really, Prof? Wow, looking good for your age,

...talking about at the beginning of this lecture."


4) Hoboy. I need a to-do list: a) Finish Bibliography and essay plan, b) If possible, write out introduction, c) Wash hair, if possible, no time tomorrow, d) TAG SLOWTIMES sorryDebi. e) Renew paid accounts, f) Bed EARLY. Oh, and g) Clean, since it's my job this week.

5) A lot of people are having a bad time lately, looks like. :( It really sucks when that happens, and there's nothing that can be done except distribute virtual hugs. Hopefully it's partly January Blues - dull days do tend to bring you down, especially when there's other problems, too. Hope everyone feels better, soon.

6) Dammit, Professor Livesey, I WANT MY ESSAY. *Stamps foot* Other people have theirs! Thursday before Christmas, yeah, right.

7) *Sigh* Stuck here for an hour and a half. Talk to me? *Puppy eyes*
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Sorry, I wasn't meant to be, I wrnt to drink for goodby wih rl; Friends, then carrieed on, becuade I'm goring nack to unibersity on Sundnay and I don't want to.

Well, I don't mind, but it'd bdepressing.

he I watches black Books, and there's no more time to rp;. I mean, there is, but I'd suck.



Fuck. Not good.

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Tiiinyshort update since I should be in bed, and am stopping mostly just to dry my hair. (Cigarette smoke on hair and clothes = coughing, and bleh.)

Today I met [ profile] villainny! Finally! And she and I and [ profile] apiphile had a lovely day in London, visiting The Covent Garden Tea House, almost a Rodin exhibition, Coffee, Cake and Kink, (o_0) a burger place where we were served dark chocolate, rum, and oreo milkshakes, and a cocktail bar that was most tasty but expensive and playing such annoyingly loud music that we relocated to a pub.


Tomorrow, ballet!

I understand lunch is first, but failing that, meeting there at two.

Now bed!

*Hugs everyone*
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OI. Marthe and Clare and wtf I don't want rich text this looks like several arses! Er. Yes. You two are the ones that I can think of right now, but anyone else as well - address here if you seriously actually want a Christmas card. Comments are screened, but gimme!
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Whuh, this is all new and fancy.

I'm too old to take change! *Shakes fist*


Anyway, it strikes me I haven't updated - or Milliwaysed, for that matter - in a while, since clearly OOMs don't count, no matter how much I love them. And the reason for this is mostly that I get tired. Not tired enough to go to bed early and wake up at a reasonable time (though today is okay) but too tired to keep my concentration until four in the morning like I know I can. Bleh. All I want for Christmas is some sense to my sleeping habits!

The last few days (and I blame [ profile] metaphor for this entirely) I've had a veering of my interest back to my older fandoms, namely Pern. No, dammit, I cannot rejoin the old email game! I sucked at it, and also hated that format! Fleh. Also, my Redwall books are starting to look tempting. Help, I'm regressing! Mostly I'm babysitting, when not flopping around on the internet or in town (ahahaha Christmas shopping) but although I get money for that, it doesn't not advance me further. I need a to-do list. And then to get off my arse and do stuff.

...Oh, and to tag That Thing, yes, Debi.

And start reviwing BPAL again. (Frumious Bandersnatch is so good.)

Hahahaha. Maybe coffee will help.
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(X-posted to [ profile] puca_project - if you have no clue what I'm going on about, go there!)

Well, there had been numerous hitches to this one - mostly that only two of us could make it, and secondly that it had to be postponed a week due to my illness! But yesterday, on the 4th November, Kate ([ profile] avariel_wings) and I journeyed to Covent Garden.

Photos are to come when Kate's computer does not hate her.

Cut for rambling on the High Seas. Arrr! )

So, very definitely a success - hopefully to be repeated with a bigger group in Cardiff in December, all in piratical gear, where we also plan to re-enact scenes from Pirates of the Carribbean. Roll on the good times!
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Good luck and crossed fingers to everone getting results today!

[ profile] kenovay, I'm looking at yoooou.

Now, to town! I am actually in a girly mood today, which means a twirly skirt and Sparrowesque makeup! Yes! *twirls off*
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Just gone on a major friending spree of Milliwaysers.

So if you're wondering why - It's because I know you vaguely or not-so-vaguely from said crackbar or chat, like you, and want to follow your journal. *grins*

Being GMT is damn annoying, so all too often I miss people from unavoidable sleeping necessities, and this is my way of keeping up with you all.

That's all, really.


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