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So! Ye Olde Cousin (Stephen Fry Jr. to those of you that have met him) has started a petition to protest the closure of the UK Film Council.

(In case you don't believe me about him being a mini Fry, I copied his email to me here:

Dear heart,

If you're tweeting at the moment, you may have seen the petition I started yesterday to protest the closure of the UK Film Council. It's gained over 3700 members since 2pm yesterday, and BestForFilm is poised to go to the press with it.

I'm just a little worried that the campaign is losing momentum, and I'm desperate to keep it at the forefront of people's minds until we can launch it properly. With that in mind, I wondered if you'd mind mentioning it to people at work / spreading the word on Milliways? Just remind them we'd have no Christopher Nolan...

Hope you're well and the review passes muster. See you at the weekend!


J x

It's a good cause - and he has a point about Christopher Nolan. D: So please take a look if so inclined?

Thanks everyone!


Dec. 25th, 2008 11:51 pm
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You know how much my cousin loves me?

He met Stephen Fry; his hero and general personification of awesome, and got him to write a message in a copy of his America book... for me.

I think I may sleep with it under my pillow.



Sep. 2nd, 2008 10:56 pm
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You guys.

You guys, I just got back from a committee meeting for my theatre group, and heard the casting for our next panto. I get to be the Principal Boy. *Dances around the room, slapping thigh in fiendish joy*

...Again, for Americans and other deprived people: Pantomime.

Only slightly brought down by the fact that the Principal Girl? My sister. 'Cause that's not weird at all.

(The drag, you guys!)
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Meme! I have one.

That personal stuff meme )

Additional! Tomorrow, I'm taking the Scott Jr. to London. If we have a free moment, I'll text peeople, but if you're at a loose end, grab us! We shall be around, and flexible.

P.S. Internet extremely crazy these past few days. May vanish without warning. D:
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I'm back!

'A few days' turned into a week. And it was brilliant fun, and I was going to write a cheering and heartwarming account of it all for you. But... Insert flailing here )


The holiday was lovely, and I had a great time - sharing a room with my sister and cousin Bethany was fun, and we had some good times. Other cousin John came over one day with his family, which must be the only one on Earth which can make me feel short. I swear, three of them could pick me up one-handed. We had some nice food, then climbed a huge forested bank and slid back dow again. Marvellous. And I'm still not too old that my grandparents include me in the Easter-egg hunt. >_>

Shh, it's fun.

Oh, and there was a dinosaur museum with actual palaeontologists in there, looking very serious amid electronic T-Rexes and 'Dare you feel what's inside the hole' exhibits.

What have you been up to?
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So hi!

Internet is still not on it's best behaviour, although it was slight better yesterday, enough for me to cling to people on AIM for a bit before it died again. We are getting a new wireless thinger, because tech support couldn't help us, but I have no idea when that'll arrive. Oh, well. Could be worse, and I'm making use of the uni PCs while I'm here.

Life! Continues to happen, oddly enough. I'm determined to make a huge batch of tomato sauce and freeze it at some point, since making something basic like that every single time makes little sense. I'm catching up on my reading, since I kind of abandoned it the first week due to essay o'doom. Looking at my assessment criteria for these courses, mind you, looks like all the Spring/Summer ones will be assessed by coursework essays. This is good in that a) I don't have to worry about remembering stuff for exams and b) I'm pretty good at essays as long as I can make myself care about them, but bad in that a) I sometimes can't make myself care and b) I have an alarming tendancy to do them in one sitting the night before they are due.

Sooo. *shrug*

It is my mother's birthday this weekend (even though I can never remember if it's the 21st or the 23rd) and I don't think I'll be going home, but I do want to send her present, if I can figure out what to get her. Nothing bath stuff-y. She has loads of that, mostly from me in the first place. I've occasionally bought her Robert Goldsmith mugs and things, but they're a leetle too precious and fragile to send through the post.

Um. Help? Anyone else have a difficult mother?
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Very brief, still ded of flu.

Happy December 25th, all of you. Thank you so much for the messages, Lauren and Nny and also for being wonderful in general - you and absolutely everyone. I'm not talking about Christmas day here, because it's depressing, but that is nothing to do with anyone else. If anything, I think I'm lucky to have so many great people, both family and friends.

Even if I could have done without my Great-Aunt telling me this could go on for weeks.

Cannot really handle chat programmes, or... you know, talk, but please do email if you want for any reason. Going to bed now.

*Hugs* I'll try and be back and involved in stuff again soon.
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I finished my story!

Um. It's really embarrassingly short, but as the limit was 1,500 words, I don't care. It's all posted and stuff, too, though I have no clue if it'll get there before the deadline. Go postal service, go!

Sadly, I am also in a very bad mood brought on by That Time of the Month. I've been bitchy and snappy for days, but now the end is in sight. Along with several days pain and discomfort. Yay me? I was meant to go give blood today but I think I am in no fit state to do so, which makes me feel useless. And babysitting tonight. Mustn't forget.

On the awesome side: KITTEN.

Tiny and fluffy and black and gorgeous and called Mog. My sister is over the moon.

So cuuuuute.
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My bedroom, she is becarpet!

...ted. tet? Hmm.

Yes, after making do with floorboards and dusty rugs for a couple of years, I have soft, warm carpet. If I wish, I can lie down on my floor without the risk of splinters! It looks all clean!

Yesterday we did the IKEA shop that my Mum likes, which started with eating at the incredibly efficient food hall thing and ended with me literally wedged into the back seat with a bed, a wardrobe, a rolled up carpet, two mattresses and a sack of random stuff. I could neither sit nor lie properly, and the carpet roll ensured that I reclined in a painfully twisted position. For two and a half hours. The sense of accomplishment was enormous, I tell you that. Today promises to be more relaxing - going to meet up with friends and see the new Pirates. Arr!

Breakfast today reminded me of a weird thing - I used to hate fried eggs. Hate them, and now I love the things. It was a really sudden change that makes me think my body is screaming PROTEIN! PROTEIN, WOMAN! I was aware I was weedy, but really. On the other hand, my mother hs taken to telling me how much weight I've put on, which translates in my head as: 'Daughter, you are getting fat.'

Which I'm not. But I'm a teenage girl! Don't tell a teenage girl that, she will interpret it that way! On the plus side, possibly I can go around asking people if my bum looks big in this.

Finally, I appear to be in love with my new deoderant-stuff. It's like wax, and smells of patchouli, and mmm. Lush drains a hole in my pocket, it really does.


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