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This week, I have been mostly working.

It's only a temp contract, for AQA, but at least it's something. Less impressed am I by the nature of the work - the first day and a half I was checking exam papers - nothing fun, just making sure the examiners had added up their marks correctly (a surprising number had not) - but then I was informed that I was supposed to be at the other site. Said site is a very narrow pathway from the other, and totally iced over at the moment, to quite a dangerous degree. 'Should take you ten minutes' my arse. Took us forty-five, and we made good time. It is, however, on a bus route, so that helps. Unfortunately, the nature of the work is slightly different. By which I mean: envelope stuffing. Yay! We send out all the exam scripts, either in envelopes, or more recently in big old boxes. (Which are hella heavy. I've been terrified of straining my back all week. The effort has really made my legs hurt from all the correct lifting - god knows what would happen if I did it incorrectly.)

On the other hand, it's only for two weeks, one of which is done with, and they are paying me seven quid an hour - including the full day that was snowed off. So, could be worse.

This weekend I have been slobbing, having dinner with cousins, and cooking Sunday roast for family and neighbours. Every time I cook a chicken I try out a different method - this week is honey, garlic and ground coriander. Will report back with nom-o-meter.

How are all of you getting on?
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You guys, I cooked the most awesome dinner tonight. *Beams proudly*

Sister made little twirly poofs for starters - red pesto and grated parmesan on puff pastry baked in teeny spirals. I was going to make soup, but then it turned out there out to be ten of us, and that's some serious bowls, so we turned the watercress and rocket into salad instead. I made lemony mustard dressing, and that's all fine.

Then we did a stuffed salmon with garden herbs, coriander and lemon, and baked it for great protein; and I did spicy-sweet vegetable tagine, with interesting toasted spices and tomatoes, sweet potatoes and fennel and garlic and ginger and chilli and pureed dates and things; with shallot, spring onion and pistachio couscous. Nom.

Oh, and we baked lemon and ginger cheesecake and served it with fresh raspberry coulis and double cream. Uh-huh.

We're so good.

Alas, now I am drunk of wine. Goodnight!
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...How do I have crumbs in my hair? Yes, I spent most of this evening cooking, but nothing to do with bread!

(Cooking curry and fresh marinade smells sinfully delicious.)

Um... Doctor Who! That happened!

Alas, I have no clever thoughts, only that I am sad but mostly satisfied with it, due to the fact that I spent all evening cooking while drinking beer steadily. (They were delicious! Food-making is tiring and dried spices make me thirsty!)



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