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Whuh, this is all new and fancy.

I'm too old to take change! *Shakes fist*


Anyway, it strikes me I haven't updated - or Milliwaysed, for that matter - in a while, since clearly OOMs don't count, no matter how much I love them. And the reason for this is mostly that I get tired. Not tired enough to go to bed early and wake up at a reasonable time (though today is okay) but too tired to keep my concentration until four in the morning like I know I can. Bleh. All I want for Christmas is some sense to my sleeping habits!

The last few days (and I blame [ profile] metaphor for this entirely) I've had a veering of my interest back to my older fandoms, namely Pern. No, dammit, I cannot rejoin the old email game! I sucked at it, and also hated that format! Fleh. Also, my Redwall books are starting to look tempting. Help, I'm regressing! Mostly I'm babysitting, when not flopping around on the internet or in town (ahahaha Christmas shopping) but although I get money for that, it doesn't not advance me further. I need a to-do list. And then to get off my arse and do stuff.

...Oh, and to tag That Thing, yes, Debi.

And start reviwing BPAL again. (Frumious Bandersnatch is so good.)

Hahahaha. Maybe coffee will help.
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*Raises hand*

I done.


Wow, I forgot how much fun it was to make up half your presentation. Everyone loved Spaced, though! I think I might have converts.

Man. Now I can have a drink if I want. Weird feeling, since I've been avoiding alcohol like the plague lately, in hopes of getting something done. And I did! :D!

*Sits down again*

What have you guys been up to?

EDIT: I got yet more BPAL samples yesterday. I have such an addiction XD. Wearing Snake Oil at the moment, which is so thick. Smells like dark, syrupy vanilla on me. Which: nice. Not too sweet. Mmmm.
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Miche, your birthday don't show up on the My LJ screen. I could have missed it!

Hope you both have a great day.


!) I actually managed to drag myself in for the Seminar today. I always seem to end up with electives that I supremely don't care about, and it's therefore a little tricky making myself attend - particularly when I have essays for my chosen courses to do.

") I also think I've been sleeping wrong - or having to look down at the laptop all the time is taking its toll. This is one hell of an ache. *squirms and waits for painkillers to kick in.*

£) Currently, I am making Christmas Lists. It's very exciting. *beams*

$) Accordingly, tomorrow will be spent shopping and putting together packages. I actually don't mind getting organised for Christmas - helps me get into the seasonal spirit, and let's face it, I need all the help I can get.

%) I need to decide whether or not to order something from the actual BPAL site before the holidays. How long would a parcel take to get to me in the UK, anyone know? 'Cause if it takes longer than a few weeks, I should send it to home home, not Uni home. Hmm.

^) Last night, I had the weirdest dream. The antichrist had come to earth in the form of a little girl, and such is my subconscious indoctrination by Milliways that my dreamself immediately went to find Milli!Adam to ask him to sort it out, please.
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*Smells wrists obsessively*

Oh, BPAL. How crazy and strange you make me. I finally tried out all the ones in my first package (and today my second one arrives ahahaha I am smrt.) And then I reviewed them. Methodically. Whut. Anyway, feel free to ignore.

Perfume rambling )


Oh well. It makes me happy. And it's more fun than talking about my classes.

So! What are you guys up to?
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Meme gacked from [ profile] birdseyeview and [ profile] chaos_pockets.

Tell me the fictional character I remind you of, and tell me why you think that. A new and fun way to see how people view you!

And so as to not colour your ideas, I'll later tell you what fictional character I identify with most. :D You'll be surprised.

What the hell, those are always fun.

Just off to a seminar - this is the course I most wanted to do this term, yet I've already missed one lecture and done none of the reading, while I'm on top of the others. That seem right to you?

Today's scent is Hollywood Babylon. I'm mostly getting black cherry and vanilla, but it's not bad, actually. Not too sticky-sweet as I firt thought it might be.

Hm. More after education!
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BPAL fragrances for my characters.

Cut to save flists )

That was fun... I love having an excuse to browse that site.
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Eeee, my first BPAL imps arrived! I bought them from another lady in the UK, and she sent me Crossroads, Darkness, Hollywood Babylon and Port Au Prince, along with a free one of Eden (*squee*) a bit of Lush Karma soap, some packets of interesting tea and sweeties. I don't know what Eden will be like, but seeing as she threw it in free... *looks* Ooo. Fig leaf, fig fruit, honeyed almond milk, toasted coconut and sandalwood, eh? That actually sounds... nice.

I think I'm in love with this buying/swapping from other customers thing.

Also, I kinda bought another Phillipa Gregory novel. *shamed* Ah, 'historical' trash.




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