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And I will see you on Saturday! ♥
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New Nintendo DS Lite


Have a lovely day. &hearts
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Annnd before I run out to Uni for great meetings and 'I know what I'm doing, really!' with m,y tutor:

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See you on Saturday!

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So hi!

Internet is still not on it's best behaviour, although it was slight better yesterday, enough for me to cling to people on AIM for a bit before it died again. We are getting a new wireless thinger, because tech support couldn't help us, but I have no idea when that'll arrive. Oh, well. Could be worse, and I'm making use of the uni PCs while I'm here.

Life! Continues to happen, oddly enough. I'm determined to make a huge batch of tomato sauce and freeze it at some point, since making something basic like that every single time makes little sense. I'm catching up on my reading, since I kind of abandoned it the first week due to essay o'doom. Looking at my assessment criteria for these courses, mind you, looks like all the Spring/Summer ones will be assessed by coursework essays. This is good in that a) I don't have to worry about remembering stuff for exams and b) I'm pretty good at essays as long as I can make myself care about them, but bad in that a) I sometimes can't make myself care and b) I have an alarming tendancy to do them in one sitting the night before they are due.

Sooo. *shrug*

It is my mother's birthday this weekend (even though I can never remember if it's the 21st or the 23rd) and I don't think I'll be going home, but I do want to send her present, if I can figure out what to get her. Nothing bath stuff-y. She has loads of that, mostly from me in the first place. I've occasionally bought her Robert Goldsmith mugs and things, but they're a leetle too precious and fragile to send through the post.

Um. Help? Anyone else have a difficult mother?
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Love Meme

Because who doesn't need a little love in these dark days?

EDIT: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACEE! Man. Knew I was forgetting something.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] varadia!!

*Attaches to ankle*

Have an awesome day, yes? It is the thing with birthdays.

*Looks at Raven promptingly*

...Damn it.
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Miche, your birthday don't show up on the My LJ screen. I could have missed it!

Hope you both have a great day.


!) I actually managed to drag myself in for the Seminar today. I always seem to end up with electives that I supremely don't care about, and it's therefore a little tricky making myself attend - particularly when I have essays for my chosen courses to do.

") I also think I've been sleeping wrong - or having to look down at the laptop all the time is taking its toll. This is one hell of an ache. *squirms and waits for painkillers to kick in.*

£) Currently, I am making Christmas Lists. It's very exciting. *beams*

$) Accordingly, tomorrow will be spent shopping and putting together packages. I actually don't mind getting organised for Christmas - helps me get into the seasonal spirit, and let's face it, I need all the help I can get.

%) I need to decide whether or not to order something from the actual BPAL site before the holidays. How long would a parcel take to get to me in the UK, anyone know? 'Cause if it takes longer than a few weeks, I should send it to home home, not Uni home. Hmm.

^) Last night, I had the weirdest dream. The antichrist had come to earth in the form of a little girl, and such is my subconscious indoctrination by Milliways that my dreamself immediately went to find Milli!Adam to ask him to sort it out, please.
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I have no idea if you'll even see this, but the sentiment stands. *Glomp*


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