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Dear Torchwood,





P.S. NO CUT TAG FOR YOU. Seriously. It's another plot point they swiped from Buffy. That's not a spoiler, it was inevitable.

EDIT: Testamonials meme! It's what's for breakfast.
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Oh what the hell, how did I just screw up boiled eggs? *Slurps coffee sulkily*

Note to self: Pouring boiling water over refrigerated raw eggs? Bad idea. They explode.


I haven't been around much, mostly due to panicking. I think I've finally cracked, because now I'm looking at a graduate program run by Disney. Maybe if I believe really hard and clap my hands, I'll come up with a working dissertation topic?
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Dear self,

We have established that you are no good with more than one game. You failed at [ profile] otherways and [ profile] apharsites long before it died. Why, then, are you writing an app for [ profile] theinternetcafe directly after sending one in to [ profile] milliways_bar? Furthermore, eyeing [ profile] in_the_wood in addition to that is just silly.


Even if playing an utterly oblivious human!Harth would be fascinating.

Thank you,

Your brain, now late for college.
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Plz help, I appear to be addicted to Runaways.

*Pulls out possible apps list, and sighs*
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All right, fuck this, y'all.

I don't even know when I started saying y'all, or why. I'm British, we don't do that.

But I'm also fed up of flickering internets. I miss AIM. I miss crackchat, I miss threading, and I miss... just being able to ping people if I want. I know I rarely do, because I am phobic of initiating conversation in case people find me irritating or unlikeable and I find I have nothing to say after starting, but! I miss it. I'm almost ready to take the laptop into uni and pull an all-nighter using their wireless just for the company.


Oh, well. We are (eventually) getting a new router, or whatever it's called, but GAH.

*sigh* Debi, I want you to know that your Hogswatch present is seriously saving my sanity here. I swear, I'd get more actual work done if I had a steady connection. It makes no sense, but at least I wouldn't be so distracted.

To-do: Rewatch Torchwood for Milli-threading.
Write up Jack thoughts.
Ditto Harth, plus... stuff.
Refrain from stabbing Magic and Superstition tutor.
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This tea is horrible.

Bad tea! Wrong!

*Pours away*

Well, sod it. Now I'm grumpy.
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Whuh, this is all new and fancy.

I'm too old to take change! *Shakes fist*


Anyway, it strikes me I haven't updated - or Milliwaysed, for that matter - in a while, since clearly OOMs don't count, no matter how much I love them. And the reason for this is mostly that I get tired. Not tired enough to go to bed early and wake up at a reasonable time (though today is okay) but too tired to keep my concentration until four in the morning like I know I can. Bleh. All I want for Christmas is some sense to my sleeping habits!

The last few days (and I blame [ profile] metaphor for this entirely) I've had a veering of my interest back to my older fandoms, namely Pern. No, dammit, I cannot rejoin the old email game! I sucked at it, and also hated that format! Fleh. Also, my Redwall books are starting to look tempting. Help, I'm regressing! Mostly I'm babysitting, when not flopping around on the internet or in town (ahahaha Christmas shopping) but although I get money for that, it doesn't not advance me further. I need a to-do list. And then to get off my arse and do stuff.

...Oh, and to tag That Thing, yes, Debi.

And start reviwing BPAL again. (Frumious Bandersnatch is so good.)

Hahahaha. Maybe coffee will help.
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Oh, and is there a lot this week. Safe to say I wasn't impressed

Even more incoherent than usual due to watching live )

Man. Next week looks interesting. Or has the potential to be, at least in comparison to that.
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Well. The Brutally Honest Personality Quiz.

Well... I feel... special! )


Anyway, spent most of today flailing about uselessly. Friend who I was supposed to go Christmas shopping called me yesterday to say she couldn't come, so I wandered in myself to buy Certain Things. Then I went up to Campus to collect my essay... which was not there. Frownyface, Professor Livesey!

Then I spent a few millenia trying to find books which the computer assured me were there, but srsly, srsly were not. *Facepalm*

Oh, well. I have chocolate, and my Mother's coming to sweep me home with her tomorrow, for great holiday.

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So, today was retail therapy. I try not to do it much, but I legitimately needed some stuff... and after last night I legitimately needed to get out of the house, and away from the fucking dripping.

So, I have chocolate, and I have exciting bath stuff. And new toothpaste and a soap holder, but that's dull.

I had the weirdest dreams last night, in between getting up to check the buckets hadn't overflowed or exploded or anything. I dreamed my Daddy turned up randomly to save me, but in an echo of our email conversation, he still couldn't help me turn off the water. There was a party, too. I hid. *waves hand vaguely* Sometimes you don't want your subconscious echoing reality that accurately, y'know?

Also, I rewatched Calendar Girls last night. OMG Harriet Jones, MP Flydale North! I forgot she was in it! I kind of like that movie. Cried copiously, but you already knew that. It was a recurring theme.

So today is better, given that I'm not on my own anymore.

Only I seem to have skipped lunch and dinner. Let's go fix that.

EDIT: Holy crap, I also dreamed I was smoking. Like, a cigarette. Something I am firmly against - just the smell makes me cough. WTF subconscious?
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Today's presentation went well. (Also got back that essay I did in one night whilst drinking. Just short of a first. PWNED!)

But. I have another one tomorrow and I am so unmotivated, and worryingly tired. I'm drinking coffee and eating chocolate as we speak to induce some form of energy, but man. This should be easy. I'm talking about FANDOM, for crap's sake. But the texts are all technical, and everyone else in the class is either a gender or a media student, which gives them both a familiarity with the required terminology that I, as a History student, do not have. Bastards. They're going to JUDGE me if I fuck up.

If they do, I'm so linking every single one of them to the Pit of Voles. Let's see them endure that trial by fire.

On the plus side, I am showing a clip from Spaced. Maybe I'll just leave it on! For the entire class!

Hey, it'll be more interesting, and probably more informative than anything I come up with tonight.


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