Jan. 11th, 2007 05:59 pm
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Did the essay.

Got it in with 35 minutes to spare.

Don't know how coherent it is.

Can't make myself care.

Man, that feels good.

Now I just have the internet issues to worry about. *eyeroll*
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1) Well, back at Uni.

2) The brand new wireless thinger we were upgraded to at the end of last term has turned out to be far worse than the one we had before - housemate Debbie was on the phone for about an hour last night trying to fix it, but nothing. They're sending us a new one, while in the meantime it cuts out every five-ten minutes. AIM, for this reason, is a bit out of the question. I'm actually fairly zen about it, since I have a lot of work to do these next couple of days, and enforced lack of AIM might help me get down to it... but boy will I be angry if it's still like this by Friday.

3) Courses... well, actually, the two I've had so far have been on the dull side. Worryingly enough, one was Magic and Superstition, but I'll hold out, since he was just wittering on about how this was 'cultural history' we were doing, and going over the course outline, rather than just getting down to teaching. English Society... well, I had her last year. You know those people that put pauses

really randomly in the middle of sentences for no apparent reason? Yes. That's her. It makes her supremely difficult to listen to without drifting off, especially since she is the living, female equivalent of Professor Binns. (I have nothing against dates and rebellions, I just think there's a little more to the subject, you know?) Mind you, it did give me the giggles when she said "...The Glorious Revolution, which I started

Really, Prof? Wow, looking good for your age,

...talking about at the beginning of this lecture."


4) Hoboy. I need a to-do list: a) Finish Bibliography and essay plan, b) If possible, write out introduction, c) Wash hair, if possible, no time tomorrow, d) TAG SLOWTIMES sorryDebi. e) Renew paid accounts, f) Bed EARLY. Oh, and g) Clean, since it's my job this week.

5) A lot of people are having a bad time lately, looks like. :( It really sucks when that happens, and there's nothing that can be done except distribute virtual hugs. Hopefully it's partly January Blues - dull days do tend to bring you down, especially when there's other problems, too. Hope everyone feels better, soon.

6) Dammit, Professor Livesey, I WANT MY ESSAY. *Stamps foot* Other people have theirs! Thursday before Christmas, yeah, right.

7) *Sigh* Stuck here for an hour and a half. Talk to me? *Puppy eyes*
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Today I learned to knit!


(I forgot how before.)

My Mum gets on these project kicks, and so she started off a row of stitches for me, my brother and my sister, and said go! So, I'm making myself a Tom Baker era Doctor Who scarf of epic length. Maybe. Unless I get bored. But so far it's going pretty well, and I'm on my third colour block.

*Rubs hands*

I keep wondering how much fluffy white wool would be, for which I blame [ profile] silveraspen entirely.

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Honey, I'm hoooome!

*Hugs flist passionately*

I missed you all!

ER. That said, there is no way I can get through two weeks of flist. So, anything really important, or just plain cool that I should know, please to link me here?

Those of you that requested fics/drabbles, I have them! But not typed up yet, so. They will appear some time in the next couple of days.

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Holycrap rain. o_0

Lots of it. Wow, this August is strange.

Aaaaanyway, tomorrow I'm off on holiday for two weeks with the family (abandoning the baby kitten) to Devon and then Cornwall. There will likely be long walks, one hell of a lot of books and many many pubs. Mmm, pubs. Yesterday, in aid of the holiday effort, I bought a dress (twirly! And patterned! And it fits!) for £18 reduced from £60. Mmm-hmm. And a jumper, because I always get cold for £5 reduced from £42. Ahehehehe. Also got some soap (and a free bath ballistic *win*) and books from the charity shop to read. Mmmm.

I'm a little down over no intarweb for two weeks, but hopefully it'll be fun enough that the time goes quickly. If any of you with my number want to call or text me, please do!

Later, everyone!
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I'll be in Italy from tomorrow (12th) to next Friday (19th) and most likely without internet.

If you need me, email or comment here - it'll be the first place I check in case I find a cafe with access or something.

*Waves* See you all when I get back!

...I also get my A-level results the day I return. If you don't hear from me, you may assume I've failed and am therefore flailing about trying to figure out what to do.
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I'm off to go check out a University then stay with some friends this weekend, so I probably won't be around. I'll be back on Sunday evening.

Just to let you know. :)


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