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OH MY GOD, you guys.

My show starts tonight, I have to go to the theatre in just over an hour, I'm still streaming with cold. I'm mostly... twitching as I wait until I can take my hyper-strong (PLEASE GOD) decongestant, and cooking myself soup because what else can one doooo?

Soup in question started out as chicken, then morphed into leek and potato and is now some weird amalgam involving ham and whole red chilli because dammit if I can't taste anything, I'm going for nutritional benefit.

And now, flatleaf parsley.

Um um um.

Inhaling steam! Let's DO THAT.
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Any muse, any fandom you know I've ever even touched, any pairing no matter how odd. Claim it in a tag and I write it for you. I will do my damndest not to be flaky - so some of these may be short, but they will be written!

Oh, muse list:

Havelock Vetinari, Harth Fray, Captain Jack Harkness, Shelley Winters, Sabriel, the Opera Ghost, Zuko, an OC or two... take your pick!

1. Naughty
2. Happy
3. Nervous
4. Angsty
5. Baking
6. Horny
7. Parental
8. Excited
9. Book-Reading
10. Jealous
11. Kidnapped
12. Caring
13. On-Their-Knees
14. Obedient
15. Popping-Their-Cherry
16. Naive
17. Shocked
18. Greedy
19. Drunk
20. Exploring
21. Naked
22. Serious
23. Eating-Their-Lunch
24. Exhausted
25. Swimming-In-The-Buff
26. Well-shagged
27. Kickass
28. Busy
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Ask a character a question, any question, and they HAVE to answer completely honestly. Have to. It's the meme rule. Even if they'd normally lie, they suddenly have been hit with a truth serum of some kind and must tell the truth. Bwaha.

And that goes for:

Captain Jack Harkness
Havelock Vetinari
Harth Fray
Shelley Winters

Aaaand any of the old ones that you can recall!


May. 5th, 2009 08:05 pm
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Okay, so as you may or may not know, my laptop imploded the other week, and therefore I have been reliant on the occasional access I have to the family PC, and really really not around much. Also: work and early mornings that don’t agree with me, but mostly the laptop thing. However! I have now a new and shiny one, which I love and call Picchu and am terrified about in case someone breaks it.


To deal with my terrible loss of ready internets, I have been reading a lot, and also playing Knights of the Old Republic II with deep and abiding joy. I’m afraid I may have laughed for about half an hour after Atton Rand appeared unexpectedly, and have henceforth spent an amazing amount of time trying to make him and my PC (Mary Sue Tinkerbell Jesus Jedi, as I have fondly named her) be friends. Unfortunately, this has led to peculiar dreams, which last night featured running away from Sith bounty hunters to hide on a little backwater world called Earth in a tourbus called the Ebon Hawk, whereupon frikking Torchwood showed up and tried to investigate us in their own special way – which is mostly scowling unconvincingly, being easily led off topic and flirting with the scenery. I was impressed by how accurate my subconscious is.

But, er, anyway. Have I missed anything? Let me know!

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Oh my god, I have not been clubbing in so long.

So tired. So very tired.

Also, yes, a bit drunk - despite not drinking anything alcoholic once I got there - but mostly with the tired.


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Work continues dull and mindless. I therefore blame [ profile] rionaleonhart for my recent desire to write Derren Brown into my orginal fic as a thinly-disguised psychic stage magician and reluctant ally to the protagonists' efforts.
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In a feat of miraculous clumsiness, I have just poured hot wax over both my thighs. Those jeans will never be the same again.

I just...


Some days I don't know why I'm allowed out of the house.
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Aaand one bit of the meme before last is done!

[ profile] apiphile's Tame, chapter one here on Sendspace, because it was too long to fit on

Anyone who still wants, feel free to leave a comment, and I will get to it... eventually.
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Meme, ganked from various people:

Give me a pup, and I'll tell you:

01.) Full name?
02.) Best friend?
03.) Sexuality?
04.) Favorite color?
05.) Relationship status?
06.) Ideal mate?
07.) Turn-ons?
08.) Last sexual experience?
09.) Favorite food?
10.) Crushes?
11.) Favorite music?
12.) Biggest fear?
13.) Biggest fantasy?
14.) Quirks in bed?
15.) Bad habits?
16.) Biggest regret?
17.) Best kept secrets?
18.) Last thought?
19.) Worst sexual/romantic experience?
20.) Biggest insecurity?

I am still working on the other one! I blame... most everyone, really, for that. Especially Sooz. :P
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I'm in a good mood, and feeling the posting thing, which means I'm like, QUICK ENGAGE WITH PEOPLE NOW, FOOL. Since... you may have noticed, it's been a while. Or not. I've failed for a while. Buuut I'm still about, and have another week before I start work again, and my panto is done (hahahaha what. So much fun.) So! There was a meme going around awhile back that intrigued me, but I had a hideous cold at the time, as I do for about 80% of the year, so I forwent it. Then... lost it. So I'm rephrasing from memory.

Comment with something you would like to hear an audio file of, and I will record it for you. I never did work out voiceposts, but I can record stuff and upload to megaupload or whatever easily enough. I will happily chat randomly, offer random thoughts on a subject, read a thread, verse or poem; or sing for you, assuming I am familiar with it. Let me practise using my diddy microphone for yoooou!

Let's do that! Meanwhile, I will go around tagging things. La!
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You know what sucks? Interview techniques. I have this interview tomorrow, and because it's for a graduate placement type thing, it's stupidly complex. I had to write mini-essays in my application and was forced to conduct the telephone interview whilst pacing about in the snow during a lunch break. This one will take two hours, and will involve scenario-based questioning, a role play where I have to flag people down to try and sell them gym memberships, and on-the-job observation where I have to interrupt kidlets who will probably be doing perfectly all right and help them with their work. Oh, and there's yet another interview after this if I get through. *Facepalm* Still, I'm sure my BS skills will get a workout, if nothing else.

For now, lunch - which I will go out to get, because a) there are no vegetables to be had and b) I never end up writing anything if I stay on the laptop. >_>
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Glitter Text -

And I will see you on Saturday! ♥
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This week, I have been mostly working.

It's only a temp contract, for AQA, but at least it's something. Less impressed am I by the nature of the work - the first day and a half I was checking exam papers - nothing fun, just making sure the examiners had added up their marks correctly (a surprising number had not) - but then I was informed that I was supposed to be at the other site. Said site is a very narrow pathway from the other, and totally iced over at the moment, to quite a dangerous degree. 'Should take you ten minutes' my arse. Took us forty-five, and we made good time. It is, however, on a bus route, so that helps. Unfortunately, the nature of the work is slightly different. By which I mean: envelope stuffing. Yay! We send out all the exam scripts, either in envelopes, or more recently in big old boxes. (Which are hella heavy. I've been terrified of straining my back all week. The effort has really made my legs hurt from all the correct lifting - god knows what would happen if I did it incorrectly.)

On the other hand, it's only for two weeks, one of which is done with, and they are paying me seven quid an hour - including the full day that was snowed off. So, could be worse.

This weekend I have been slobbing, having dinner with cousins, and cooking Sunday roast for family and neighbours. Every time I cook a chicken I try out a different method - this week is honey, garlic and ground coriander. Will report back with nom-o-meter.

How are all of you getting on?
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Hee hee hee.

I am totally playing hide and seek with a bunch of twelve-year-olds. It's awesome.

Fuckers keep finding me. Grrr. Stupid being-adult-sized!
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Okay, so in my dream last night, Carlisle Cullen turned into Barack Obama halfway through without anyone really noticing.

I haven't even read or watched Twilight.



Not the rabbits. Fuckers. Meeeeeeble.
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We took down all the Christmas stuff today, wrapped up warm against the cold and snow. Weird and inexplicable places that pine needles have shown up thereafter include:

My pockets.
In my shoes.
(related, in my toe. Ow.)
In my freaking bra.
On the cat.

The rest of the day was spent beating my head against the jobseekers website and phone line. One would think they don't want to give me money while I can't find a job. Um.


Dec. 25th, 2008 11:51 pm
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You know how much my cousin loves me?

He met Stephen Fry; his hero and general personification of awesome, and got him to write a message in a copy of his America book... for me.

I think I may sleep with it under my pillow.

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Oh, crap.

I finally got that cold/fever that's been going around.

*Goes and passes out*
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Sssssso, looks like they're started casting for Avatar: The Cash-in

I'll just... be over here. Hoping this isn't accurate. :(


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