Jun. 10th, 2011

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You know, I kind of love my Dad.

We were talking about social issues and how my brother's doing with his cricket and stuff (getting on well with his Surrey boys team, but having some problems with puberty and associated growth) when he comes out with this:

"You know, I wish I hadn't done the sexist thing and not thought to get you involved with the local cricket groups. I think you would have liked it, and you're good at that kind of thing, I've seen you, but I never made the connection to take you to one of the local groups. And the Surrey girls' team is doing so well! Sorry I didn't think of that."

... <3

Oh, Dad. My problems are not made of lacking sport. But I love that you come out with that kind of realisation entirely unprompted, truly I do.


Thought for the day:

I was often very upset by the indication that magic or religion was only available if the belief was already there. Just believe in [insert mystical force/deity/self here] and all will be well! Um, what if you are naturally wary, or have been burned in the past, or just have a scientific turn of mind, is that it - no magic for you?

I refuted this! If magic/religion is real, surely it must exist without the need for baseless belief? Therefore baseless belief does not equal magic, right?

And then I learned about the placebo effect, and that it was actually a thing.

And was very sad.

No magic for me, I guess?


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